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    Im only 23 what do you think i enjoy! Well when not working, 2 of 7 days, youll find me just relaxing, trying to eat correctly. Most of the time im lounging or ... we just got nintendo wii, (we're big kids me and my boyfriend lol) Watch tv, i love my kitties.. Maybe going for a drive, the movies, the beach, to the bar with my lover love.(of course drinking wine or rum=ick, and hey new grist isnt bad for the beer.<br /><br />Its funny how my boyfriends a chef, but with the hours he's working its hard for us to get together to arrange a cooking session together gluten free. I usually feel not up to much thinking like im going to be in the bathroom every 6 minutes. I work for Carnival cruise lines, and who knows, maybe i booked you, but dealing with needs of other in such a demanding way is making me realize i need my strength and energy to get through my gluten sensitivity. How can i make someones vacation spectacular without feeling spectacular myself. This message board hopefully will keep my hopes up and seeing thats its not the end, its something that can be controlled and dealt with. so drop me a line if you feel like letting out some gluten frustration! *melly mel*
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    Miami, Fl

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  1. Happy birthday, melly7105! May God richly bless you with grace and peace today!