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  1. Thank you so much for all your posts. I really appreciate it. My mother was diagnosed as bipolar about 50 years ago. Me being a little girl having to grow up in that, was really hard. She was more schizophrenic/bipolar. I was told I had a learning disability as a child. When I became 12, I had my first depression. I wrote a suicide note, and I didn
  2. This is just unbelievable, to find all this information. I just want to thank everyone so much, for the info, and links you posted. I have just been reading and reading and reading, taking it all it. It just makes you want to cry. For what everyone had to go through unnecessarily, just because of
  3. Bipolar and Celiac Disease Does anyone know of a correlation of Bipolar Disorder and Celiac? Does anyone know of any information of people diagnosed as bipolar, but really having Celiac disease, and no longer needing their medication for bipolar disorder any longer? Thanks. Denise.
  4. Hi Ravenwoodglass I am really interested in hearing your story. My mother had been diagnosed as bipolar 50 years ago. Would it be alright to email you? Or if you prefer, we can talk on this forum. Sincerely, Denise Jarvis. I wrote you a post on the thread called
  5. Hi Ravenwoodglass, I have read most of your posts, and was so very interested in what you had to say about celiac disease! I started a gluten-free diet only a month ago, after reading Dr. Graham
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