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  1. I find that while young children learn their allergies quickly, they may not always know what foods in the house contain them. Especially your 2 yo would be at risk to grab foods & stick them in her mouth, even crumbs dropped on the floor. I know the 2 yo in my house does. When my oldest son was little I eliminated all blueberries and red #3 & #33 from my house & since have shellfish allergy I used plain salt & didn't buy shellfish. I kept regular milk for my husband & myself & soy milk for the kids who were dairy intolerant. At present I am still converting my house to gluten-free. I have an area of gluten containing foods that the boys need to eat up (I can't afford to dispose of it), an area for specialty foods that need preparation & shelves in my bedroom (where the 2 yo & I spend most of our time) with easy foods we can eat. Top shelf has some soy & peanut that I can have when she is not here. (She reacts if I eat them around her) . Lower shelves have foods that are gluten, dairy, peanut & soy free for her. She can get them out herself. I have teenage boys who eat at different times due to school/work schedules & they tend to fix there own or eat out. I do keep each of their favorite breads sealed in plastic bread keepers which are labeled. I also keep some frozen burritos for fast microwaved meals for them. They are old enough to understand about cross contamination & the seriousness of the health effects & are good about it. (3 of us have done the whole anaphalactic number.) I keep kitchen wipes on the counter & they are to wipe the counter down after food preparation that contains an offending food. They also wash their dishes immediately after using, which reduces stuck on food particles. My 20 yo daughter recently discovered she has celiac disease. My precious son-in-law is a bit absent minded, as discovered in dealing w/ my daughter's lactose intolerance (they both cook), so they have converted their whole house w/ the exception of a loaf of bread for his lunches that he takes to work. In our extended family we have all 8 major food allergens plus quite a few others. If we have a small child with the allergy it is completely eliminated from family get togethers. As they get older we have special areas set up w/ allergy free foods. We finally get to have deviled eggs again. We do all gluten-free as we now have 6 family members who are gluten intollerant. 3 family members are now allergic to soy.This is the one I am having trouble adjusting to, as a lot of our gluten-free foods had soy. It sounds like a good idea to eliminate anything that causes anaphalaxis. Color coding can be good too. In the end only you can decide what works for your family. Even very young children understand if you tell them that they are allergic to a food & that it will make them sick. Teach them early to take responsibility for their own health (w/ appropriate supervision for age). This makes them more likely to stick to their diet when they are out from under your supervision. (The pediatric nurse in me had to say it) Good Luck, Deb PS: Anyone know of a gluten-free, peanut free, soyfree substitute for soysauce?
  2. Hi ladies, Long time no see. WARNING: I got a virus through a pop-up on this site. (I normally don't get pop-ups) It offered 3 free gluten-free books for filling out a survey. I thought it was part of the site (which i trust) so I opened it & downloaded the trojan virus. It hijacks your operating system & makes your computer useless due to overwhelming pop-ups. We had to wipe my hard drive completely & start over. It is still not internet capable (I snuck in to use my son's computer because I am going through withdrawl & I wanted to get the warning out). Diet wise things are going ok. I have been having a lot of hormonal swelling but when it goes down I will probably have to buy new pants again. Lyndsee (2 yo) has update from allergist. Now not only is she allergic to gluten & lactose intolerant, but now we add peanuts & soy to the allergy list. A lot of the stuff we were eating has soy flour in it. So now my gluten-free pantry is separated into the soy/peanut (top) shelf (to be eaten when she is not around) & the lower, ok for Lyndsee shelves. She gets into it & pulls out snacks for herself. She also appears to have an insect sting allergy. She keeps finding fireants at Grandma's farm. My 20 yo daughter, Nickie, is now gluten-free. She is off in Kentucky & having a hard time finding special items, so I am sending her a care package. I added most of the soy & peanut products to her package, since she can eat them safely. Hopefully you will be seeing her here soon. Hopefully my computer will be internet capable soon! So I can visit regularly again. It looks like there are several new ladies. Welcome God bless you, Deb
  3. How do you get on a friend list or put someone on? I couldn't figure it out!?

  4. I was diagnosed w/ idiopathic epilepsy 20 yrs ago (in college). Though by history we can document seizures in elementary school. I had mixed type seizures (mostly tempral lobe, but have had "grand mal" seizures too). I was on multiple meds & still had some seizures. When I went low gluten (only the hidden trace sources) I stopped having seizures. I am now totally gluten-free & off all seizure meds. The only seizure I have had since was when I got glutened & it was mild (eye blinking). I am not even having seizures w/ strobe lights or being startled awake. I still avoid Nutrasweet as it is unhealthy anyway & I am not willing to risk it. It is nice to be out of the fog that comes w/ celiac disease & seizure meds. Hope this helps. Remember you can't suddenly discontinue seizure meds or it will cause you to go into a seizure that you can't get stopped (life threatening). Even people w/o epilepsy will have seizures if they take seizure meds then suddenly discontinue it. If you think having your celiac disease under control has resolved your seizure disorder, talk to your doctor about trying to wean from it. I hope yours is celiac disease related so you can be seizure free too. Keep me posted as to how you are doing. God Bless, Deb
  5. Saw the first post & immediately thought thyroid storm. The nurse in me was ready to give info about it, but as I continued to read, it looks like you already have good info. So I did what I actually do best - PRAY. I will continue to pray for you & for the guidance of your caregivers. God Bless,
  6. We use Trix, Cocoa Pebbles, Fruity Pebbles, Dora cinnamon stars & Little Einstein fruity stars all without any problems. The only specialty gluten-free cereals we like are Panda Puffs (Peanut Butter) & Honey Rice Puffins. Buckwheat flakes taste great (maple taste) but are very hard. Good Luck,
  7. Gotta do this quick pop ups are messing w/ my computer. Today I had: Breakfast: Cocoa Puffs w/ fat free milk Snack: Fruit snacks Lunch: a bit of ham & 2 eggs (deviled) Dinner: salad w/Hormel crumbled bacon, Italian cheese, raisins, Hidden Valley Ranch dressing, freeze dried peas & corn. 3 Glutino breadsticks Snack: Welch's fruit snacks & Yogos Gotta get this computer fixed fast Spybot search & destroy didn't clean it up even! I am getting tons of pop-ups so it is almost impossible to do anything!
  8. I felt better almost immediately & felt significant improvement in 2 wks. I havn't felt this good in 20 yrs. If you read info in my signature, it goes into more detail. I actually have energy now & feel up to doing things like walking to do my shopping, gardening & trimming trees. I had been spending about 3-6 mos/yr unable to get out of my hospital bed & had become dependent on electric wheelchair. What a difference! I am continuing to improve. Hope this helps & you are feeling better soon,
  9. Cathy, You had to get it from somewhere & it sounds like your mum is a likely candidate. Hang in there. I finally convinced my parents they needed to be tested & their doc says they don't if they are not symptomatic. My daughter, however, got her labs drawn (no report yet). I had a good Easter. My best freind is getting really good at the gluten-free thing. She made gluten-free bread (So much better than that frozen stuff!) In 2 days Lyndsee & I finished off the whole loaf. (How much of that do you really think the 23 mo babe ate? ) So, Liz I understand about the cookies. I would have partaken too. I usually have a cheat day on the weekend, by saving up calories durring the week. Can you believe we had snow? We rarely have snow (or even cold temps) at Christmas much less EASTER! Wow. Temps were in the 90's 2 days before. I am glad I was running a bit behind in getting the plants into the garden. The fickle weather has broken our 2 year drought though. We have water in the lakes & ponds & the grass really does turn green (not just brown). The land is beautiful again. I guess everyone is busy, but if you guys peek in, we miss you. May God Bless & Keep You,
  10. Diane, God controls the weather, not me. We are not set up for that kind of weather in this part of the country. The beds stayed warm, w/ electric matress pad & plenty of blankets, just not the rooms. As a single, disabled mom we live in the best house I can afford. By God's grace & help from loving friends & family we are not living on the streets. I am doing the best I can. Liz, Sorry to hear you have had kids sick one after another. That can be soooooo stressfull. Don't give in to temptation though. You can do it. It is harder when you have time on your hands & the gluten safe foods around you. Maybe you could take some post it notes & put encouraging messages to yourself on refrigerator & cabinet doors that hold your temptations. Remind yourself of how far you have come & that you can do it. One message could read "A moment on the lip, a pound on the hip". Or you could get out that sexy little black dress (or whatever it is you want to fit into) & hang it on the door so you see it when you go for food. I have faith that you can do it. Kat, Good to see you. Thanks for the uplifting message. Today's Menu: Breakfast: pkg fruit snacks Lunch: 1 Tbsp left over gluten-free spaghetti, gluten-free Crackers & Big salad w/ Hormel crumbled bacon, honey ham & turkey, sprinkle of pnuttles & parmesian cheese & Hidden Valley Peppercorn Ranch dressing. Snack: Deviled Egg, 1/2 Envirokids pb rice bar, fruit snacks Snack: carob macaroon Dinner: French Onion Soup w/ gluten-free hot dog bun cut into 3 slices & sprinkled w/ GV italian cheese blend, kozy shack rice pudding w/ tbsp raisins & cinnamon added. I went to Wal-Mart Super Center today & walked w/cart to do shopping. I am starting to build up a tollerance for walking. If I keep improving the way I am, I am hopefull that I may be able to go back to work. I don't know that I could handle pediatric ICU any more, but maybe I could do something like Early Childhood Intervention. I have been out for so long, it may be hard to get a job now. I guess I will cross that bridge when I get to it. For now I am just happy to feel better & get around better. God Bless,
  11. Jess, Hang in there. You have to start by healing your gut. You can't gain if you can't absorb it. You should be pretty well healed by now, if you have managed to stay gluten-free. Next nutrients: Here a balanced diet will help you. Be sure you get foods from all groups. You may also want to add a gluten-free multivitamin. Nut butters are high calorie & usually are consumed w/ carbs (also calorie packed). Have you tried nutella? It is a hazlenut & chocolate spread. I take Mi-del arrowroot animal cookies & dip in the nutella. Yum! If that doesn't add weight nothing will. Why not indulge your inner child? One of the things that helped me most was that someone gave me a list of brand name stuff, in regular stores that is gluten-free. So here are a few to get you started: Great Value brand (Wal-Mart) They clearly label foods as Gluten-Free (If it is manufactured in facility w/ gluten containing products, they will not label it gluten-free) Hidden Valley Dressing (they only have 3 products that contain gluten & will give list if you call-sry I don't remember the ones I would not normally use) Original Ranch, Peppercorn Ranch & Spicy Ranch are all ok (I use them) Kozy Shack rice pudding, tapioca pudding & "jello" are ok & are labelled gluten-free Fritos any flavor Jet Puff marshmallows Skittles any flavor M&Ms (except for crunchy) Banquet Chicken Selections Herb, Oven Roasted & Grilled (these are precooked frozen) Cereals: Trix, Dora cinnamon stars, Little Einsteins fruity stars, Cocoa Pebbles & Fruity Pebbles Welch's Fruit Snacks Mott's apple sauce (any variety of fruit sauce) McCormick spices (clearly labeled-doesn't hide behind "natural flavors", "spices", etc) If it is in there they will say it, so be sure you read the label. I don't know if you have a Brookshires where you live, but they have just started carrying organic foods. Fortunately many of our gluten-free foods are organic. They even carry Tinky'ada pasta & Blue Diamond Nut Thins. The only things I didn't find there were the cookies & frozen breads. FYI: Don't forget that while oat does not actually contain gluten, the protein in it is so closely related that many celiacs' bodies recognize it as gluten & will react. I feel for you. My spine is put together w/ rods, screws & bone cages. I am a walking hardware store. You must be very uncomfortable w/ the screw heads like that. Hope you will have a speedy recovery. Good Luck & God Bless You, Deb
  12. I was misdiagnosed at the time of my pregnancies. I wish I had known & maybe it would have saved the 3 miscarriages. I had 2 in first trimester, then almost miscarried my daughter at same point in pregnancy. I was on bedrest for a while, then rest of pregnancy was pretty uneventful (until delivery, but this is unrelated to celiac disease). This is my child that is symptomatic of celiac disease (her lab is pending) & is lactose intolerant. My 4th pregnancy was my 1 "normal" pregnancy (we almost lost him to neonatal sepsis-in ICU for 10 days). Both of my kids had problems w/ foods that I overdid during pregnany. My son also had problems w/ dairy early on but no problems now. He does have severe food allergies that I can directly relate to things I ODed on during pregnancy w/ him. I miscarried my 5th pregnancy in first trimester. As to the morning sickness-I had all day & all night sickness. My first 2 pregnancies I dehydrated so badly I would have to go to ER for IVs. I vomited before I knew I was pregnant & was still going while in labor w/ my daughter. I had to eat fiber wafers every 15 min to help w/ nausea. At least w/ this pregnancy I could toss it then go back & eat again. With my son I didn't have it to bad during the second trimester, but 1st & 3rd were bad. W/ him I couldn't eat after being sick. It would just come up too. These "kids" are now 20, 18 & I have a 17 yo by adoption. I am not only a celiac, but a nurse too. Ursa Major is right- It couldn't hurt to go gluten-free but it has the potential to help both you & your baby. Negative testing does not necessarily mean you don't have celiac disease. There are 2 additional genes that they now suspect can also cause celiac disease (other than the one already identified). So at this point testing can prove that you do have it, but can't prove that you don't. If symptomatic it is best to try the gluten-free diet & see how you feel. Hope this helps,
  13. Pemmy, Welcome. Glad to have you join us. In some ways being gluten-free has helped me w/ my diet. When I am out to eat or at pot luck dinners, the deserts (that always would have been my downfall), are glutenous & therefore no longer a temptation. It is just not worth the 2 weeks of pain & misery. At home where I keep safe items it is another story. I have to excersize some self control at the store, not buying the gluten-free chocolate cake mix under the pretense that I am going to make it for the gluten-free toddler in the house. My weak spot?-Cookies & nutella. I buy bags of Mi-del gluten-free arrowroot & gingersnap cookies. The arrowroot are especially good dipped in nutella. I get chocolate cravings & the nutella is hazelnut butter w/ chocolate. Maybe Diane is right & it is related to perimenopause, or maybe I am just a chocoholic. Wish I could find it with carob so it was caffiene free. Liz, Glad to see you. You're right about upping the protein & lowering the carbs. It satisfies your body more & is metabolized slower, so it reduces cravings. Carbs create a yo-yo effect on your blood sugar if not taken w/ protein. Diane, Wow that is a big heating bill. My house is old & drafty (used to be 2 army barracks). We had long periods of time this winter that were down in the 20's & my heaters couldn't keep up. My son's glass of water froze on the night stand. Fortunatly we have electric matress pads too. We aren't supposed to get that cold in Texas. At least not for long. (I have worn shorts & tank top & had water fights on Christmas day before. ) I went grocery shopping today & was able to walk w/cart the whole time. This is the first time in years that I have been able to do that. The Brookshires 3 blocks from my home has started carrying a lot of my gluten-free stuff. I have been having to drive all the way to Ft.Worth (about 45 min trip) to buy most of it. They actually have a great selection. About the only thing they are missing, are the cookies & the cardboard (oh, I mean frozen gluten-free bread ). I found a bread mix though, hopefully it will have better taste & texture. Maybe I can start making bread from scratch again since I am tollerating being on my feet more. Cuisine of the day: Breakfast: (No time not even to make shake) Lunch: Big salad w/honey ham (52 cal), hormel crumbled bacon (50 cal), freeze dried peas & corn (25 cal), a sprinkle of cheese, a sprinkle of pnuttles & Hidden Valley Peppercorn Ranch (yep theres the calories for the day). Also at a few Mary's Gone Crackers herb crackers & 2 Tbsp left over gluten-free spaghetti. Dinner: Thai Peanut noodles w/ 2 wedges Laughing Cow Light cheese. Snack: Kozy Shack rice pudding cup w/ Tbsp raisins & a bit of cinnamon. Yum! God Bless & goodnight,
  14. Diane & Liz, I am glad you are still here. Warm weather must be drawing our other ladies out in the sun for vit D therapy. I am extremely fair skinned (redhead) & burn after about 15 min in the sun. AC controls are broken on my van so driving w/window down is giving me a lot of sun right now. I will have to be careful about it though. It would not surprise me if I was vit D deficent. I need a good multivitamin (preferably inexpensive) that is gluten-free. It can't have oyster shell calcium because of my shellfish allergy. Anyone know of one? I am going to Better Health tomorrow so I will see what they have. I always felt like I was starving to death before getting off the gluten. Now I feel the benefits of the nutrients when I eat & am much more satisfied. It will probably take a while for me to get it back in balance. Yes, I am on antibiotics. I would not let that go. Infections of the teeth & ears are very dangerous because they can cause meningitis. Menu of the day: 4 servings of Isacleanse (tastes nasty but does wonderfull things for the body) Lunch:Pad Thai noodles, crumbled bacon (50 cal worth), 2 wedges laughing cow light cheese (DELICIOUS) Snack: Tasted gluten-free toddler goodies (about 45 cal worth) Dinner: Probably will go have a salad w/ Nut-Thins It is hot so salad sounds really good. I am trying to delay turning on the AC to give me a bit of a financial break. My gas bill went into the $300's this winter. Normal is $15-30. We had a really tough winter. But it changed from frozen to wilting like someone had throne a switch. Now we are getting flooding after years of drought, & tonight there were tornadoes. (I live in "tornado alley") Well gnight ladies ,
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