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  1. Can anyone help....really worried. Been gluten free for 4 months. Still waiting for a biopsy to confirm celiacs. For the last week when I go to the loo I pass undigested food. Feeling really weak and tired. No point seeing my doctor as they have refered me to hospital and don't seem to care. Yesturday I has steak for tea and no word of a lie I went poo this morning and it was my steak undigested. Sorry to be so graphic but really worried. Also I had really bad night swats last night. Woke up dripping wet. Whats going on? Any ideas. Comments from diagnosed celiacs would be helpful too. Any of you had this during early stages of gluten free diet.
  2. Oh god how aweful for you. This is exactly what I am trying to avoid. Why should I put myself at risk for a diagnosis. Thanks you for your comments.
  3. Hello I totally agree with all of you. I know I can't eat gluten so will remain gluten free no matter what the biopsy result says. I am trying to get my consultant to confirm that the proceedure may still be useful if it rules out stomach ulcers and other cysts etc. As for a celiac diagnosis like I said I am going to carry on gluten free regardless. I do feel much better by not eating gluten so why change. The only benefit to getting a proper diagnosis is that if I have celiacs then it is likely that my son has too and as one of you commented about gluten effecting his epilepsy it may be nessesary to get him gluten free too. Jenny
  4. Hi I have been gluten free for 4 months. My Doctor said I had celiacs but the consultant at the hospital says that there is no eveidence to prove this from my bllod work so I need a biopsy. The only thing is that they expect me to eat gluten for two weeks before biopsy. I did an experiment about a month ago and ate a bread roll which made my bowels exploid (yuk) and then I spent all weekend with pains in my arms and legs. So I proved to myself that I can't eat wheat. I told the consultant this and he is still insisting that I eat gluten for two weeks prior to biopsy. He says is inportant to get a diagnosis. The trouble is I am on my own with my 12 year old son who has epilepsy. I have no family support so don't see how I can make myself ill for two weeks just to get a diagnosis. Plus I work part time. Any advise? Jenny
  5. Felt really rough all weekend with pains in my legs and ankles and sooo tired today. Any idea how long it takes to get unglutened? Experiment was a good idea at the time but one I won't be repeating in a hurry.
  6. Got fed up of doctors messing me about. Does she or doesn't she have celiacs so I decided to conduct a little experiment. Been gluten free for 3 month . Had a bread role at lunch time and within 2 hours my bowels exploded. Won't go into details but it wasn't nice. So much for blood tests. Will stick to gluten free dispite what doctors say!!!!
  7. I wanted to ask the same Q. Been gluten free for 3 monthds.All my friends have noticed how thin I look and get I still weigh the same. Don't understand. All my trousers I brought at Xmas are all baggy and I feel lighter and get the scales don't reflect this. Jenny
  8. Hello I really need help but don't where to turn. I was told 3 months ago that I had celiacs. I started a gluten free diet which really helped. I have a history of eating disorders which I finally sorted out about 5 years ago as I have a son who I didn't want to let him think it was OK to mess around with food. The guten free diet has been fine. I really enjoy it as its much healthier. Now the doctors are unsure I have celiacs. They want to do a biopsy and expect me to eat gluten again. I am not happy about this. On top of all this I have been getting very bad abdominal pains which the doctor think could be cysts on my ovaries. The pain is worse when I have my evening meal so I am not eating much. I am slowly getting back to my old habbits of not eating. I can't seem to enjoy food anymore. It was hard enough being told there are things I can't eat and now when I do eat it make my pain worse. I ended up in casualty Sunday night with really bad pain and they sent me home with even stronger pain killers and said to wait for my hospital appointment. I accidently overdosed on pain killers and made myself very ill. trying to cope on my own with my 12 year old son. I have no family so really can't cope with things anymore. Feel so lonely and desparate. What can I do? Always been a fighter but starting to loose my will to carry on. I will keep going as my son needs me but getting harder and harder. Jenny
  9. MinxyMandy I was thinking the same. But If I can get a proper diagnosis then I can get prescription gluten free foods. Here in the UK you pay nearly
  10. So glad I found this site. Mydoctor told me I have celiacs even though blood work didn't confirm this. been gluten free for two months and feel so much better. Then I saw specialist at hospital and he said i don't have celiacs. they want to do a bowl bi-opsy and expect me to eat gluten for two weeks before otherwise it will be negative. Clueless if you ask me.
  11. Ravenwoodglass Thank you so much for your help and advise. I am so sorry to hear that you had a rough time which made you feel close to death. I do sympathise as I feel so down sometimes when I know in myself there has been something wrong and yet for nearly a year the doctors kept saying I was just run down. I kind of accepted it for a while as my son has been really sick which is hard on your own without any family. Plus I have continued to work part time as an accountant. But I knew there was something wrong. Felt very angry when they turned round and said you have celiacs. I felt Like say "I Told you so!!!!!". this site has really help so thank you. I will get my son tested. That will be a challenge as he hates needles but if it stops him having fits by changing his diet I will try it.
  12. Wow....You have some really intersting ideas there. Since being on the gluten free diet it has really made me think about alternative remidies. If my son has Celiacs like me then it would be really fantastic if that would help his epilepsy. My son has nocturnal epilepsy and I thought that his bad dreams where triggering his fits so I put a dream catcher above his bed and for 3 months he was fit free. A bit of a placebo effect. Unfortunatly he got a bad virus in the winter which started the fits again. but for a while it really worked. Diet is a hugh issue at the moment and I really believe that you can make yourself better by eating the right things. There are so many food additives these days that I am not surprised people are getting ill. I took on board what people have said about not eating gluten just to get the bi-opsy to show celiacs. That seems mad. If the gluten free diet is making me feel better then maybe I should just accept that as a diagnosis. I was soo ill last year, feeling tired and weak. I feel so much better now that I am not sure the doctors really know ehat they are talking about. Sorry going on a bit but its been really hard. I have tried to put my faith in the doctors but I am not sure they alwys have the answers. I am just wondering if anyone else here on this site has self diagnosed?
  13. Hello I have been told that I have to eat gluten for the 2 weeks before I have the bowl bi-opsy otherwise they won't be able to detact celiacs. Really worried about eating gluten as I don't want to poison my body again. My doctor is still saying it is celiacs even though apparently the blood test for celiacs was negative. Although the tests did show a bowl irritation of some kind. The doctor has not mentioned at all about cutting out dairy. I am based in the UK so maybe things are dealt with differently here. It seems to me that the doctors are a bit clueless. Is it possible that I am in the early stages of celiacs which is why the blood tests are confusing. I know you are born with celiacs but it gets activated by things like stress. If they confirm I have celiacs I will definatly get my son tested as it will be very likely that he will have it as well. I will try and get blood tests from doctor so that I can get a second opinion. I am still sure my doctor wouldn't put me on a gluten free diet without good reason. After all it is very difficult to eat gluten free especially when my son still eats gluten. I will be glad when they have done the biopsy then I may get some firm answers. Things are a bit unclear at the moment Jenny
  14. Hello I was told by my GP(local doctor) that I had celiacs on the 5th Jan 2007. My blood test showed an inflamation of the bowl. Another test pre-gluten free diet showed IAG levels high....whatever that means. Really confused. I do feel the gluten free diet has helped but now It seems to be back a square one. Jenny
  15. Hello I was told 2 months ago that I have Celiacs and started a gluten free diet. I saw specialist at hospital yesturday and he said there is nothing in my blood work to indicate I have celiacs. Now I am very confused. They are sending me for a bowl bi-opsy to confirm celiacs but why would doctor say I have it and to start a gluten free diet if they are not sure. Obvoulsy I have had loads of sysmtoms like tiredness and abdominal pain etc but surly the blood test would show I had celiacs. Can any one help with this. Feel really confused and alone. I am a single parent, my son has epilepsy and I have no family near by. Jenny
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