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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. Cramping

    My daughter is just about 4. And I think you guys are right. She was just used to being in pain. I talked to her about the problems with saying that she was in pain and not really being in pain. Mostly I told her the doctor would have to do more tests (the dreaded needles). After that she only has told me that her stomache has hurt once and that was last week when she got another flu.
  3. Cramping

    How long until she stops waking up in the night to tell me her tummy hurts? Its been 6 months gluten-free. I don't want to give her meds unless I have to. But, I don't like to see her in pain all the time.
  4. I buy my kids yobaby yogurt. I called and they said that their stuff is gluten free. It is also organic. As long as you don't buy the ones with cereal added. It is made by Stoneyfield Farms. They also make adult sizes in whole, lite and low fat.
  5. The fist birthday for my son I made a special cake for my daughter. She didn't understand why. For her birthday I made a gluten free cheese cake for all of us. It was a hit everyone loved it. Raspberry cheese cake cup cakes. You can get the recipe off of kidshealth.org. You can make a crust by crushing gluten-free Mi-Del chocolate sandwich cookies after removing the white filling (and eating it- yum!) and adding melted butter enough to moisten. Then mixing well and allowing it to sit in fridge for 1 hr.
  6. Listen, I had 4 Peds tell me nothing was wrong with my daughter. The 5th one I went to I TOLD them I wanted her tested for allergies, cancer, colitis, croms(sp), Celiac and IBS. They told me it wasn't necessary. I told them it wasn't their choice. I was paying the bills and I didn't ask any way I was telling! Guess what? They did the testing. They wern't happy about it. When the test came back positive for Celiac and so did the biopsy later I stopped going to Peds altogether and started going to, younger family Doc. For some reason the younger Docs. seem to know more about celiac disease and are willing to listen to you and realize that you aren't stupid and that you prob. know your child better then them!
  7. I was just wondering if other people have this problem. My son (6) is non celiac disease. He goes to school and never gets sick. If he gets the flu it lasts 1-2 days and it is gone. My daughter (3) is celiac disease and gets EVERYTHING! She doesn't go to school. She is always sick!! If she gets the same flu as my son it lasts in her for 5-7 days. She goes to the hospital for it (last time was last month for 5 days). This flu season alone was 3 times to the hospital!!!! Is it normal to be sick like this when you have celiac disease? We are kinda new at it (6 months gluten free). I have asked the doctors but you know what that is like. I don't really get along with many of them any more. Considering I have been threw 2 Gastros, 5 Peds, and 2 regular Docs with her. That ,however, is another very long, frustrating, almost violent:) story. Sorry to ramble, but if anyone could answere if this is normal it would make me feel better about the situation. Thanks
  8. To add what i said earlier. I joined a group called tri-county celiac support group. I get a book every year that tells you all gluten free products. If the company changes the ingredients you can check on their web site. So, you tell me what you eat and I'll tell you what you can have. But read the back first.
  9. You just have to read and read and spend hours at the store at first. But then you know what to buy. It takes less time after a while. Then you realize that all that pre packaged stuff is bad for you anyway so you make it yourself. Like taco seasoning. I make that, I make mac and cheese, chicken nuggets, the list goes on. Then befor you know it you are acting like all those all natural hippies that you used to make fun of!!!!!
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