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  1. i'm new to this too and your symptoms sound so familiar. i've been having abdominal swelling and distention for over three years now after eating anything. i've also been told i had IBS. i recently have been to another GI doctor and he's running test to see if i have celiac. but regardless of what my test say i'm going on a gluten free diet after my endoscopy in april. i'm really hoping it works because i've just been miserable.
  2. hey michelle! don't worry you're not alone. i too can gain up too about 8lbs a day. i haven't measured anywhere other than my stomach due to the fact that that is where i "swell" become distended after i eat anything. this has been going on everyday for over 3 years. i too have been told all of this is in my head. right! i have just recently found a GI doc. that is thinking i may have celiac disease and we're in the process of running test. after all i've been through i will welcome a gluten free diet with open arms if that is what it takes for my symptoms to go away. Kerry
  3. this is interesting. i too have long eyelashes. i haven't been diagnosed with celiac but my doc. is running test to see. i have had intestinal issues for over 3 yrs and as i've researched the disease i'm becoming more and more convinced it is what i might have. in someways i'm hoping i do so i can start treating it and hopefully see my symptoms subside.
  4. just came across this site and really happy about it. i too have been struggling with intestinal problems for over 3 years now. i have recently found a GI doctor that i am really encouraged by and get the impression that he wants to find out what is going. he is the first one who has but all of my symptoms together to come up with me possibly having celiac disease. after reseaching the disease it looks more and more like what i am dealing with. in many regards i hope it is the diagnosis so i can move on and move forward with treatment and my life. in regards to the mother who posted about her son and the hydrogen breath test, i too just had one done last week. i haven't heard anything yet but i do know it was to look at gluten levels. if it is some new test that isn't done often i sure am happy i have found a doctor who is pulling out all the stops. i also had blood test that came back with no significantly low level. i am also having the endoscopy biopsy in a few weeks. anyway, i'm glad i found this site and hopefully all of us can find the answers we are looking for.
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