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  1. My daughter Bella is 4, she was diognosed about 3 weeks ago with celiac disease. We have been doing the gluten free diet and she is responding well to the foods she is given. She also has Down Syndrome and language is delayed for her, so I don't know how she feels. She was asymptomatic and we only discovered that she had Celiac through a routine series of tests that were done because of the Down Syndrome. I guess my questions,(the ones the Dr's couldn't answer) would be what was she feeling like before we removed the gluten? What is she feeling like now? What happens if she gets a trace of gluten? I only give her the foods I think are safe, but then I am still learning, What if I make a mistake? Today she said she had a owie in her tummy, Did she get a trace of gluten and now she is sick? She never complained before we went gluten free. My concerns come from a lack of knowledge, I realize this. I am just so overwhelmed by all of the information, the lists, and it seems like there are a lot of unknowns. Is there an easy way to organize the information so I can be informed, inform the rest of the family and keep Bella safe? Janel
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