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  1. Hello! Well I really don't have personal experience in this, but my cousin does. First I should tell you I have celiacs and I have been trying to get everyone in my family diagnosed since it is likely one, or more of them, will have it. My cousin, mid 20's, has been trying to have a baby for about 3 years now with no success. She was from doctor to doctor, the Dr. finally told her to go gluten free. Completely, no short cuts, and now, she is expecting, and that was within a few months of going gluten free. My suggestion if you want to try for another baby, just give it up, in general gluten in not really that healthy for anyone, so why not.
  2. Hello all. I need a good bread recipe but this may be a tall order It must be: Gluten free (duh), Dairy Free, Soy Free, Rice Free, and Egg Free. Any suggestions would by very helpful! Thanks!
  3. I think it depends who you are, and I honestly think you can react differently each time you digest gluten. Usually within 20-30 minutes of gluten I am sick and in the bathroom, sometimes vomiting, sometimes just in pain (But I'm talking very small amounts of gluten, usually because of eating out and cross contamination). Before I went gluten free it was within 1 hour, now it's almost as soon as I eat. All in all I attribute it all to Gluten.
  4. I love it! I have watched it for all four seasons. It's hard to tell who is going to be good this early, the dancers can really surprise you at times, and so can the voting. Hopefully they have finally gotten the voting figured out. The first season was a complete fake, John O'Hurley should have won, but because of the voting for that season if he got less viewer votes and the top judges votes he and the other girl would have tied. I think now they have it right, since they have gone to a second day for elimination.
  5. I think I get depressed actually, I have very severe symptoms when contaminated. I went nearly 17 years undiagnosed so I missed a lot of family conversation at dinner parties. Now I get to sit at the table for hours just talking. So when I get "glutened" I feel guilty, such as I felt for so many years. I also feel bad if I have to make people leave early because I'm sick. Sometimes I'd rather stay in the bathroom of the diner vomiting rather than making my family go home. I especially hate getting contaminated when I'm with friends. My college friends just saw me "sick" for the first time last week.. We were at school between classes (lukily I had a 4 hour break and I was only slightly contaminated) I was back and forth between the study room and the bathroom, when in the study room I would just curl up in a ball in the cornor on the floor, lie down holding my stomach, or run off the the bathroom. I kept worrying they would think I was over reacting, or putting on a front. Luckily I have good friends who kept asking if I was ok, offering to drive me home, etc. I think it's all worse now that I have been healthy for so long, now when it happens it just brings back too many bad memories.
  6. Hmm, this is really interesting! I work at a pizza place, (child's birthday place) and I serve pizza and cake all day. Of course I wear gloves to serve (for health code reason) and I don't eat the food...I think there is a difference between an allergy, and a intolerance. Like people with peanut allergies can't inhale, touch it etc...While people with the intolerance, like my father, just get very sick if they eat it, or break out in hives (but their throats don't close up or anything). I wonder if it is the same for gluten/wheat. One friend of mine works at a preschool, one of her kids has an allergy to wheat. They have a pasta day where all the kids make pasta, this child cannot come to school for a week because he cannot risk any wheat being in the air, and the entire classroom must be cleaned very well! Yet, I can handle working around pizza and cake...Hmmm, makes me wonder, I wear a costume at work, so I change before I go home so I'm not bringing the wheat particles into my car or my house, but I never even thought that could be a bad thing. I would ask your doctor what he think, and maybe ask your son to change at work, and wash his clothes right away, or keep them in a plastic bag until he's ready to do a load. Try it for two weeks and see what happens. I'll really interested to see what would happen.
  7. You body can take a long time to heal, it took my small intestines over a year to go back to normal, that is with 17 years undiagnosed. It sounds like DH to me. Give your body some time to heal, but don't rule out going to the doctor's either. Keep a food journal. If you are eating "normal" food, perhaps they changed their ingredients and now contain gluten that you were not aware of. Make sure you are not cross contaminated by anything, shampoo, soap, loation, call companies! That's the only safe way to find out. Treseme (one of their shampoo's I'm not sure which) contains a wheat protein, a lot of salon products do as well, ask at your salon if you can read the labels on their shampoo. If I am cross contaminated blisters show up on my arms, they usually go away in a week or two, but it takes time, sometimes they show up a long time after I am contaminated, 3 or 4 days even. Talk to a doctor, but keep up gluten free. DH is not fun, it never goes away, GOOD LUCK!
  8. Burn it all! Ok just kidding I think if you're careful, and your husband is careful you should be fine. But then again everyone is different. I am in college right now, living at home with my parents and sister. My sister and I are gluten free so we have some things that are "ours" Do not share wooden spoons or anything else wooden really, those will hide gluten forever! That's one thing we don't use at all, it would just be too hard to keep track of. Separate butter, peanut butter, mayo, etc...Is a great way to stay safe. Also having a husband sensitive enough to want to go gluten free with you. My family is pretty open with gluten free if I make dinner. My sister went gluten free in January, she is getting married and wants children right away. She heard of the many complications for an undiagnosed celiac, and now we have a cousin who couldn't carry a baby until she went gluten free, so though she has never been tested she committed. I really wish my parents would be willing to go gluten free at home, because I have a really low tolerance to gluten, a little bit gets me sick, and blisters show up very quickly. It was hard at first but it gets better and easier the more we learn. A side note, it may take a while for the DH to go away. Don't be discouraged, mine took nearly 6 months, and my stomach problems took about 4. Your small intestines need to heal, and that can take a while depending on your age. It took over a year for mine to heal completely. But gluten free is soooo worth it! Give your husband a high five for being so nice! And anyone else who's family is gluten free for them! High Fives all around!
  9. From all my research: books, articles, internet, doctors visits, and plain old symptoms DH=Celiac. It's rough but right now there is no "cure" for either other than a gluten free diet. I know the medicin they have for DH is rough for a lot of people, but doctors don't even know what the long term symtoms are. People with DH may not have stomach symptoms, but that doesn't mean you are not doing damage. You could be losing bone density, destorying your small intestines, and raising your risk for colon cancer. All things you have no idea is happening until, usually, it's too late and there is nothing you can do about it. I had stomach problems for 17 years, and doctors had no idea what was wrong with me. When I was 15 I had my first afair with DH, not fun, in my akward teenage years having to wear long sleeves in summer so people wouldn't see my blisters. I had the obvious stomach problems on top of the DH, but everyone has told me, nutritionist included if you have DH you have celiacs, not always the other way around though. DH is caused by celiacs, for some people. My guess is you could be vomiting because your small intestines have finally started showing damaged, go get a scope done, take a look at your villi, chances are they are flatter than a toad on a freeway. (Sorry I heard that simili somewhere and I am rather fond of it. ) Gluten free is hard, but worth it! I will be two years in June, and I don't worry about my stomach or skin anymore (unless I accidently get cross contaminated, which is very rare).
  10. Boy do I know how you feel. Question have you been diagnosed with Dermatitis Herpetiformis? What mad you go Gluten Free. Make sure you are not using any skin, and shampoo products that may contain gluten, this can make symptoms worse, and the blisters will not go away. Ask your Dr. if the medicin that s/he is giving you is gluten free. If she won't hear of it, tell him you would like him to send your medical records to a new doctor who actaully cares. Sometimes you need to work with people who will believe in you. My regular family doctor had no idea what I had so he sent me to a specialist, who had no idea, who sent me to another dermatologist, who said, and I quote, "That's interesting." I was on creams, pills, and any other kind of treatment you can think of. When my "spots" did not go away, he seemed more concerned with my teenage acne, then the blisters that hurt, burst, and itched like crazy. It's better a doctor say I don't know what's wrong maybe this guy will, rather than guess and fill you with medicin that could contain gluten and do more damage. Now that I am diagnosed and gluten free (two years in June!) my skin has healed (though it took over a year), but if I accidently get cross contaminated with gluten tiny blisters show up on my body. I hope this helped, my suggestion: Make sure your not being cross contaminated, give your body time to heal if it is DH, and consider getting a new doctor, when calling ask what he knows about Celiac, and DH.
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