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  1. GeoffCG - I know the tests were sent to Prometheus Labs. Is enterolab more reliable? Did you ever have a follow-up blood test that was positive? Suzie - Thanks for the suggestion on the total serum IgA. Last pregnancy exam a month ago did the test for anemia and all was ok. I guess it sounds like I should not completely rely on the blood test if its negative at this point. Better to be safe than sorry and ask for the total serum IgA. I suppose the only negative would be that I would need to resume a gluten diet for the test. Thanks again for the advice.
  2. Long story for a quick question: I am 11 weeks pregnant with my second child. About 4-5 months after the birth of my first child in the winter of 2005, I first started developing lactose intolerance. I simply ignored it and avoided any dairy until I found out I was pregnant in January. My diet is rather limited as I do not eat meat or fish. This is not a life choice, but a problem I have keeping it down. I simply find it disgusting despite my repeated attempts to get protein in this form. (Let me add that I also find tofu and similar products impossible to keep down.) It is not a physical problem that I have but a psychological issue. So - during my first pregnancy, dairy was my main protein. When I went back on dairy in January and tried lactaid pills - I still had severe "d." I was referred to a GI doctor who feels my symptoms are either lactose intolerance or celiac disease. He ordered the endomysial IgA and Hu-tTG blood work. I am waiting for results early next week. In the meantime I have gone gluten-free. I do not feel better as I have morning sickness which makes keeping protein like beans and peanut butter (and just about anything else) hard to eat and keep down. I have lost approximately 15 pounds. Generally, I am just exhausted. The GI doctor said he will not do a biopsy because of the pregnancy. So, if my blood work is positive - I will treat it as confirmed celiac disease. If my blood work is negative, my GI doctor said we should act as if I do not have celiac disease. MY QUESTION: I am worried about a false negative blood test result. However, I really could use the expanded dietary choices for nutrition in my pregancy. Would you go gluten-free or not if you blood tests came back negative and you were in my boat?
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