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  1. Thank you. At first, I thought of this as the farewell tour to gluten and ate stuff I thought I missed. Well, after my challenge reactions my memory has been jogged and I am back to looking at gluten products with fear and anxiety. My friends see delicious soft whole grain bread and wonderous desserts, but I see intense misery and can't wait to go back to my world of no bread. A leaf for a sandwhich isn't so bad and I like my rice pasta. Glutenous pizza is vastly over rated from my prospective:) Really, by Saturday I have to stop eating so as prep for the colonscopy they are doing too so I guess it won't make a difference.
  2. I am having an endoscopy on Monday and I had a celiac panel done this week. They are sending it to promethius labs. I've had to eat gluten for the past 8 weeks for the test. Every time I eat it, I have heartburn, overwhelming sleepiness, congestion, spaciness, and my left lower back is killing me. The heartburn has made me feel like my throat is closing 'cause its raw from the acid. My doc is convinced I may have celiac or at least gluten intolerance from my reactions and since some stomach cancers and thyroid disease run in my family. I have Hashimotos. Is back pain a possible side effect? I feel pretty bad, but should I continue to eat gluten until my May 11 results appointment or can I stop after the endoscopy?
  3. I think you are right. I don't want to dismiss an intolerance. I am not feeling very well since I started eating gluten for the tests, but I am going to try to hang in there. It does seem counterproductive to eat it in order to verify what you already know. I'd just go gluten free if not for the pain and the thought that my kids may need testing. The doc really believes celiac is the answer.
  4. Hi, I've suspected I have celiac or gluten intolerance for a while due to the symptoms I've had. Additionally, I have Hashimoto's hypothyroid. Lately, I have become intolerant of dairy, as well. I went to a gastric doc on Monday. He's going to do the gold standard test on me and bloodwork to see if I carry the gene. My question centers around eating gluten before my April 30 test. I've been mostly gluten free for a while, but unintentionally I wasn't all that good about hidden gluten. I went back to consuming gluten in meals this week because I've read it impacts the test results if you go gluten free before you actually get diagnosed formily. I don't want to hinder my results. If even having a trace would be disasterous for someone with celiac, would it be enough to impact the results of the test?
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