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  1. Hi all I'm new (by way of introduction) I know how you feel Abug, I'm ahead of you by about a week. My allergies are casiene and gluten, intolerances are corn, rice, salicylates, preservatives etc etc. I'm very grateful to all the animals who die so I can eat, I'd like to be a vegetarian but spuds and beans just aren't enough and I absolutely refuse to eat a turnip - the cows can eat them and then I'll eat the cows. Never loose your sense of humour and start a proper 7 day rotation diet even if like me Tuesdays are eggs - just eggs. Sunday is my trial day and I've added calamari to my diet!!!!!. Pretty damned exciting believe me. Try local indigenous foods, I'm curently living in Australia and am about to try Banyo nuts which I can't possibly be allergic to. Its been 8 years since I gave up milk and expected this move to cure all my health problems. I've got multiple food intolerance and now that I understand it I can see that the rotation diet is the only answer. I'm two weeks into mine and this is how I found out that I'm intolerant of the rice milk that I've been using for so long. Whatever I have every day I will eventually become intolerant to. You think you won't be able to cope but you can - as long as you have a little hope that you will get better you will cope. The thing that amazed me is how much time the diet takes to set up and monitor and also how tired I've been for so many years. I've had 2days in a row when I felt good - the feeling was incredible and I hope to have it again!
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