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  1. Hi everyone. I was diagnosed two weeks ago with Celiacs. Although my blood tests were normal, my biopsy revealed the disease. Since going gluten free, I feel great. Prior to my diagnosis, I was sick to my stomach daily and had horrible stomach pains. In just two weeks I notice such a difference. Despite my progress, I feel like I am getting increasingly tired. I used to be a very active person. I can hardly get out of bed now. My body is also sore all over. In addition, I notice that I have bruises all over my body and minor paper cuts are turning into scars. Is this a result of some kind of vitamin deficiency? Two years ago I learned that I have a low B12 and have been taking vitamins daily. Maybe I need more? If anyone can help. I am so close to feeling normal again!
  2. I was just diagnosed two weeks ago after several months of illness. My blood work tested negative for Celiac's disease, but my biopsy was positive. I don't know all the details of this disease, but my GI specialist told me that the most accurate way to illustrate Celiac Sprue is through a biopsy.
  3. Thanks! I guess the severity of this is actually setting in! Sadly, I am an absolute mess in the Kitchen! I am a great cook, but horribly unorganized! I am going to have to change more than my diet!
  4. Hi. I was just diagnosed with Celiac Disease one week ago. Although my blood tests were normal, my biopsy confirmed Celiac Sprue. Does anyone know much about cross contamination? My doctor gave me information on the Disease and I have done some internet research, but I didn't really take the subject of cross contamination serious until yesterday. Since being diagnosed a week ago, I have stuck to a fresh fruit, meat and dairy diet. I haven't really looked for gluten free substitues because I want to get used to life without gluten. Anyways, since starting the diet, I have felt fabulous. This is significant because I have been sick with nausea and vomitting episodes since December. I have been feeling great until last night. I cooked pasta for my boyfriend and stir-fry for myself. Although I tried diligently to keep the food separated, I used the same spoon to stir the boiling pasta and my stir-fry. Can contact with starchy water be considered cross contamination?
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