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  1. As I mentioned in a different thread, my wife was diagnosed with Celiac a few weeks ago. She is going on about two and a half weeks gluten-free. With this last weekend being Easter she wanted some of her traditional things to eat, so we set out attempting to make them gluten-free. To my surprise, we had great success! First up was cookies. We decided to just make regular old Nestle Tollhouse cookies, except we substituted the flour with one of the all purpose blends in the gluten free for dummies book. This was a mixture of White rice flour, potato starch flour, and tapioca flour. The first tray didn't work as the cookies spread out to paper thin, and were near impossible to get off the tray. But we added an additional 3/4 cup of flour and a couple teaspoons of xanthum gum, and the next several trays turned out great! Hard to even detect a difference. My wife comes from a Polish family so one of their Easter traditions is pierogi. She made these with her mom, so I don't know exactly how they did it, but again it was the same mixture of the above ingredients including xanthum gum, in slightly different proportions for the dough. Those also turned out fine, could not even tell the difference between the regular kind and hers. Finally she wanted to make a coffee cake for easter brunch. We used the Bob's Red Mill muffin and baking mix, and then basically made the recipe that is on the Jiffy box. We found that we needed to add quite a bit of extra milk (appx 3/4 C - 1C), but once we did that, it was fine. We served it to her unsuspecting family and they didn't know we had done anything different. I was glad to find out that it can be done!
  2. My wife was diagnosed last week. She's been gluten free for 10 days now. It seems she has followed the normal path of many people here, several years of misdiagnoses, etc. Fortunately she has never been a big pasta eater (though we did have some of the gluten free variety and it was just as good), and her favorite food has always been potatoes. If those weren't allowed I don't know what we'd do!! She is still in a little bit of denial, so I've been doing most of the label-reading. My biggest problem is the whole cross-contamination issue. In a short amount of time I've become pretty good at reading labels and spotting the forbidden ingredients...but unless it specifically says "gluten free" how can you really ever know? I know there are lists available, but there are always things that we'd like to buy that are not mentioned on the lists that "appear" to be ok. The other issue of course is eating out, especially fast food. Fortunately she likes wendy's baked potato and chili, both of which look to be gluten-free.
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