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  1. I did finally get in touch with a lady in Georgia who has celiac & she said the bone pain was excruiating, one like she never felt before. My husbands blood test came back negative. But hers did too. I guess it too the biopsy to finalize the diagnosis.

  2. Hi, I'm new to this site, but found you when researching my husband's symptoms. He started getting really sick about a year ago however, he has bouts with calcium oxalate kidney stones for 10 years but last year from Jan - Oct, he was NEVER WITHOUT A STONE. To make a very very long story a little shorter, we found him to be severly vitamin D deficient which was found when he was tested for hyperparathyroidism - his pth was high, but his calcium was not. Dr put him on a 50,000 unit D pill for over 7 months. Didn't help with his all over body pain that pain relievers could not help, high blood pressure & high pulse rate, constant upset stomach no matter what he ate, serious depression, sharp headaches/pain over right eye, often has heart burn, trouble sleeping, alternating low body temp or low grade fever, nasty reddish itchy burning rash all over his arms, shoulders, back & legs which looks like the cross between the measles & a fire ant bite - the D did seem to help clear his mind some & this year, he has only had 1 kidney stone but it didn't bring up the D levels enough - from 0 to 15; why wasn't he "absorbing" it? The next dr. says he may have a pancreatic digestive enzyme deficiency because his tryclyerides are high, so lets give him an enzyme to see if it can help him keep his food. Yes, it does help as he takes it with food, but it does nothing for his all over pain, depression, shakiness, & high blood pressure, rash. Finally, we end up at a digestive disease dr & the first thing he thinks is Celiac. Other than rapid constant weight loss, I agree; it seems like the low D, the digestive enzyme deficency, the depression, the rash, the consant upset stomach all seem to lead to Celiac. However, we don't have insurance, we already have thousands of dollars in medical bills from massive testing & we just don't have the means to afford another several thousands of dollars for further testing. So, the dr. suggested the diet, since there is no other treatment or cure - to make the financial matters worse, he hasn't worked since last October. He hurts too bad & he has no energy. Today, I convinced him to go on the gluten free diet so I believe that is a big start. Does anyone else have all over pain - we hear of bone pain with low vitamin D & Celiac & that probably is part of it, but he says even his hair & eye lashes hurt like he has mono or the flu with body aches, and it is serious so that the pain killers he takes with the kidney stones don't really even help - so it is more than bone pain. I have read some of your posts about low energy & fatigue so those have been helpful but I can't seem to find where Celiac's have this kind of pain. Any thoughts??
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