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  1. Hi....I am starting it on my own, but have my Dr's support, in fact, she was the one who suggested an allergy as a possible reason why my reflux/throat burning has not responded to prilosec etc. I was positive for several food allergies about 3 years ago, but was never tested for gluten, so I am giving it a try to see if it helpd my symptoms-thanks for your reply, I appreciate it~
  2. Hello-I am new to this forum-I have just started an elimination diet of gluten products after having acid reflux for the past 6 months with no improvement from traditional meds. I am seeing a new DR and it appears my diet may be the root cause. Do any of you know of acid reflux bing a symptom of gluten intolerance/allergy? How long does the eliminstion of gluten need to go on before improvement? Thanks for any info! kelli
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