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  1. Hi all! Thanks so much for telling me about laptop lunches and for everyones great ideas!!! I do have a question or 2 about the system. How do the containers hold up when you reheat food? On the opposite side, when you use the icepack does it keep all the food sufficiently cold? Thank you so much for any help you can give! Im in highschool and would love to be able to use this lunchbox!!!
  2. Hello everyone! I will be traveling to Orlando the beginning of July and for part of my trip I will be spending a day at Disneys Blizzard Beach. I was wondering if anyone had any information on if they are as compatable with the gluten free diet as the other parks? and also if anyone has any suggestions/experinces?!
  3. Hello, I am a teenager who is new to celiac disease. I feel soooo much better since going gluten-free, but I feel like I still may be missing something. About once a week I will feel sick and when I look back on what I ate, i find the culpirate or a potentional one. Im fine with the specialty gluten-free items- but the mainstream products seem to be problematic. I have a couple of questions- * How do I make sure my kitchen is safe w/o cross contamination? * How should I handle eating out (this is where most of the problems occur) * How should I handle school and friends? Thanks Again! We have had to research this all on our own since my dietition is booked until May
  4. Hello, I am pretty new to Celiac Disease (since Febuary 16th) and I travel alot. I went to Europe on a school trip 2 weeks after i was diagnosed and did alright. I was able to find alot of foods i could eat! This summer I will be going to alot of camps and a large youth convention. How do you suggest that i handle these food wise? All the meals will be pre-prepared and the convention ones are pre-planned and catered (the menu for the week is already online). The camp has a large cafeteria, but it is also all pre-planned. Since I am so new to this, i don't know what to do about situations like this and I also dont want to make a scene, but i dont want to be sick! Anyone have any ideas? Thanks in advance!
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