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  1. http://www.healthcheckusa.com/lab_test I haven't studied the site, but it looks like it's cheaper than a doctor's visit + test. I don't think you need a prescription? Anybody heard of this? I've never heard of having lab work done without a doctor. DO you think it's a scam? If not, is the test even worth while? Are there other places like this that are established as reputable?
  2. Hi, I've had dpression for several years, accompied with other symptoms like sun sensitive rash, floaters and chronic fatigue. Depression treatments have given me little relief. I've been looking into diet and stumbled on gluten intolarnce by accident. I initially tried cutting out simple sugars and processed carbohydrates (bread ect). While doing this, I ate no processed food and after further study, discovered the only thing I was taking in with gluten, was my multi-vitamin. The results were a slight lift in depression and my sun sensitive rash has completely cleared up (rash present for years/ the entire time with depression). For three days now I've been completely gluten free, checking everything, but have reintroduced sugars into my diet. My depression seems to have increased some, but the sun sensitive rash's still gone. I've never had any of the basic stomach problems like bloating, gas and diarrhea, that seem common in celiac or gluten intolerance. I mean I've had them, but it's not a frequent problem. Is it possible for gluten intolerance to only affect skin, energy and mental function? Thanks
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