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  1. Well we did get referral to a Ped. GI Dr. Who knows how long it will take to get in with one. We are stationed at Fort Jackson SC and were told today we will have to go to Atlanta or Charleston to a Medical college. Fine with me, I just want an answer. She is also sending us to an allegry Dr to rule out allergies of any other sort. The Ped did bring up Celiac today but said she would recomend waiting until the first visit with the GI before starting. Especially since she isn't losing weight and seems to be "feeling" Ok. I just don't trust anything this Dr says.
  2. We go to the Dr today for an update on the blood work and stool testing that they have been doing over the last week. I am planning on planting myself in the Drs office until I at least get a referal to a GI Dr. I will definiltey let you all know if I find out anything. My husband and I talked about it last night and have decided to go ahead and start trying the diet. NoGluGirl thank you SOOO much for the list. I really appreciate it. I guess like a lot of you did at the beginning I feel lost. We went througgh our cabinets last night just to see what we have and basically everythign with the exception of our fruits and veggies have gluten in them.
  3. Thank you all so much for the helpful advice. She is currently on a no milk diet so it looks like I will have to add the no gluten diet too. I was kind of thinking that would be the only way to tell. I am so glad I have found a place for some answers. I am not really sure why but my instincts are sort of telling me Celiac. I will search around the site and find as many gluten free foods as possible for her and thanks so much for the heads up on the waffles and the cereals. She loves Dora so if she is on the box she will eat it. These may be stupid questions but are veggies all gluten free? What about fruit? Thanks again for so much information.
  4. This is exactly what I was coming on here to ask. If a Mod feels it should be moved would the let me know? Sorry to threadjack just didnt see the need to start a new one with the same answer.
  5. My daughter is 17months old and has had terrible watery diarreha for 6 weeks. She has been to the Dr 7 times. They have taken some blood work as well as stool samples and are finding nothing wrong with her. Due to our military insurance we really can not go anywhere else without a referral and are in a battle to get a referral to a GI doc. We go back on Friday for the results of the latest round of stool samples and have decided if they will not give a referral we will just pay out of pocket, WE JUST SHOULD NOT HAVE TO! They will not test for celiac because she has not been losing weight and is pretty far up on the height and weight scale. Just in the last few days she has also been becoming gassy and bloated. She LIVES on cheerios and waffles, full of glutens. She will get better for a day or two and her stool will be a little more solid then she goes back to the exsplosive watery poopies. Her whole attitude has changed but I have never worried about that until now. I mean she is a todler and has went through a lot of changes over the last two months. Her daddy came home from a year tour in Iraq and we moved away from my family where we had been for a year. Are there specific reasons they wont test such a young child? I am so stressed out and worried that I just don't know what to do with myself. We have made many complaints about the Peds blwoing us off. At first they said a virus then when we hit 3 weeks they said toddler diahreha but my mommy instinct says thats not all it is. I really dont know what I am asking for her but just hope you guys can help me with some insight or maybe what I need to do. I am just really tired of getting the run aroun, tired of cleaning up poopy and washing 5 loads of poopy little girl clothes a day, tired of my little girl feeling so bad!!
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