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  1. I use a blend I make based loosely off of Better Batter- I use it cup for cup, it does take a number of flours, but it is much cheaper than buying premade, but not as handy.
  2. My flour mix has some 3 cups Sorguhm 4 cups Rice Flour- I usually use 2 white and 2 brown or whatever mix you like 1 Cup Millet 2 cups Potato Starch 2 cups Tapioca Starch 1/2 cup Potato Flour ( I whiz instant potato flakes- much cheaper) 1/2 cup ground flax- Optional 1/8 to 1/4 cup xanthan gum If you use your own gluten-free flour you could add about 1/2 teasp xanthan, I really don't care for much of it.
  3. I have made these using the homade gluten-free Bisquik recipe you can find here in the forums. I usually use 1 mild sausage and 1 hot then I also sprinkle Cayenne on them right before baking.
  4. This is the best, softest Sugar Cookie I have ever had the pleasure to make- thousands of times. 2 sticks of butter or oleo 2 cups of sugar 2 Eggs
  5. I find Potato Starch at our local asian markets along with tapioca starch (flour) and white rice flour along with sweet rice. At our local Indian Market I am able to buy sorguhm and teff flour- all much much cheaper.
  6. Hi, Found it and bought at our local Wally World, came right home and mixed up Garlic Cheese Biscuits.. 1 cup gluten-free Bisquick 1 egg 2 T Cut up butter about 1/2 cup Almond Milk- Start with about 1/3 and go up as needed. 1/2 cup to 3/4 cup grated Sharp Chedder Cheese.. (I only used 1/2 and they could have stood more.) Mix, drop onto parchment paper and bake about 15-20 minutes at 450 or till done. Butter and Garlic salt ( notice SALT not powder- gives better flavor) to brush on top AFTER Baking They were YUMMY- made me very happy...
  7. I have some recipes on my website here http://www.myrealisticlife.com/index.php/taste-it/gluten-free-recipes along with lots of other recipes for appetizers etc. I use my own take off of Better Batter flour and find that lots of my old baking recipes i can simply sub the flour and its all good. Bread making I am still working on...
  8. Depending on how sensitive you are you can shop other places. I buy my Potato Starch and Tapicoa Starch and White rice flour at an asian market- MUCH cheaper. I buy millet and sorguhm flour at an Indian Market- Jowar is name for sorguhm flour. I do however order on auto ship from amazon my Brown Rice Flour. I grind my own Teff Flour from the tiny seeds. I also make my own potato flour from grinding Instant Potato Flakes. Eating gluten-free can be expensive but some things you really need to get the good stuff- we have to do without so much so saving in areas where I can really helps. Good luck.
  9. I don't have a recipe but I will tell you that we have tried Bob's Red Mill 2times now and I won't be doing it again- I mean its ok but not all that great.
  10. Peanut Oil would be very strong to bake with. The applesause would be a great sub, I have seen Earth Balance for a butter sub I believe and I find that Sour Creme helps add needed fat to baked items, I know you can't do dairy but I think there is a sub for that as well. Egg beaters is just egg whites, so that won't help you. Flax swells up with water for a sub and I have used ground Chia seed with water for a good substitute for egg as well. Good Luck.
  11. I make a Chocolate Sheet cake very very close to hers and its gluten-free and I have no probs subing flour in it.
  12. A silpat helps sometimes, some people put plastic wrap on top and gluten-free flour on the counter, its whatever works best for you, don't forget to flour the rolling pin too. Here is my soft sugar cookie recipe. 2 sticks of butter or oleo 2 cups of sugar 2 Eggs
  13. We usually cook a roast in a crockpot all one day with potatoes etc then on 2nd day I put it back in with Curley's BBQ sauce (I am in Kansas) it may be regional- but cook for a few more hours and you have heaven. Sweet Baby Ray is great too.
  14. I use my own Flour mix which is very close to Better Batter. I have a number of great recipes here Under both Gluten free and Cookies. You can use gluten-free flour I just would use a little less in any of the cookie recipes ie: If it calls for 2 cups regular flour I would personally use 1 3/4 gluten-free Flour, if Chocolate or Chocolate Chip I would use 1 1/4 gluten-free flour and 1/2 cup Teff. I would again ask what flavor??? or maybe a really fudgy brownie or truffles perhaps....I do an awesome Pistachio Infused Chocolate Ganache White Chocolate Truffle.
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