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  1. Hi-I'm new here and am trying to see if I really do have celiac. I actually started seeing a diet doctor who has patiently run tests and listened to me and my symptoms. He suggested trying a gluten free diet. I did not believe I had celiac at first despite having all of the symptoms on many of the lists I've read. I ate sushi and had wasabi and soy sauce and ended up sick to my stomach and in bed with a migraine that was awful. I decided it was worth a shot and started a new diet plan. Not realizing that "rice crispies" were not on the gluten free list, I had them a few days later and same problem...terrible migraine. I've done pretty good over the past two weeks but fell off the wagon over the holiday weekend. My symptoms have returned, terrible stomach pains, nausea, migraines,etc. I will probably have blood work done shortly to confirm that celiac is the diagnosis. However....the route of my blog here is that I was wondering if any of you out there had high cholesterol. The high number was for the good cholesterol though, not the bad. My bad is actually low. Just another wierd thing in my blood work that I haven't been able to find an answer to. Thanks for reading.
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