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  1. Cecilia's Marketplace says that Fuze Stawberry Banana is gluten free
  2. It would be great to have a group here in Murfreesboro!
  3. Just wanted to add a Destin, Florida, update. I just called Shakes Frozen Custard and was told that the vanilla and chocolate frozen custard PLAIN with NO toppings is gluten-free...yummy stuff. Destin also has a Coldstone and the gluten-free regulars: Outback, Fleming's, PF Chang's, Zoe's Kitchen, Chick Fil A, Cheeseburger in Paradise. I am leaving for Destin Thursday, so I have been doing my research.
  4. Oh my gosh! Please open this bakery/restaurant! My family is moving back to M'boro, and I was just searching out the gluten-free options and found your post! I don't know how prevalent gluten-free is in M'boro, but I know I would be there! Without a Whole Foods or Wild Oats in M'boro, celiacs have limited options as you know. With the publicity on the gluten-free diet as a treatment for autism, I think you would have evem more business from that population. Please open the shop!!
  5. just got back from new orleans....my best experiences were at NOLA's and Cafe Amelie. Both were very knowledgeable about the gluten-free diet and accomodated. Aunt Sally's pralines are gluten-free, so you can enjoy them while your friends enjoy cafe du monde next door. Places that would not accomodate...Shula's & Palace Cafe.
  6. I would like to recommend a fabulous restaurant in Louisville: Proof On Main. I found it from glutenfreeonthego.com. I called ahead, and they were very knowledgeable about celiac. At the restaurant, the waitress told me that all of the dishes could be made gluten-free with the exception of the pasta dishes. I ended up with the Amish chicken and beans, which were wonderful!! This place is a little pricey, but it is worth it! They even have gluten-free desserts! Check them out proofonmain.com
  7. I have actually just been informed that all of our Sugar Lip Glosses are gluten-free. Best, Melissa Drouin Web Sales Coordinator f r e s h Inc. 1-800-FRESH-20 www.fresh.com Best, Melissa Drouin I just got this email and thought I'd pass it along.
  8. Here is the list of Mayfield gluten-free ice cream flavors they sent me today: Ice Cream Banana Split Birthday Cake Black Walnut Brown Cow Butter Pecan Cherry Chocolate Chocolate Almond Chocolate Chip Chocolate Marshmallow Chocolate Ripple Extreme Moose Tracks French Vanilla Homemade Vanilla Mint Chocolate Chip Moose Tracks Neapolitan Snow Cream Strawberry Strawberry Cheesecake Supercow (Bulk) Turtle Tracks Vanilla Vanilla Bean Vanilla & Chocolate Whitehouse Cherry Vanilla Yellow Brick Road Seasonal Flavors Black Cherry (Bulk) Peach Peppermint Stick Yogurt Chocolate Peach Praline Pecan Vanilla Sherbet Lime Orange Pineapple Rainbow Raspberry Frozen Punch Green Red Cups Birthday Cake Chocolate Strawberry Vanilla Orange Sherbet Novelties 6 Pack Brown Cow Cream Bar Fudge Bar Toffee Bar 12 Pack Brown Cow Jr Sour Pops Banana Pop Stix Orange/Cherry/Grape Stix 24 Pack Fudge Stix Orange/Cherry/Grape Stix Cultured Products Cottage Cheese Lowfat Cottage Cheese French Onion Dip Sour Cream Buttermilk Whole Buttermilk Milk Whole 2% Skim Nu-Trish Lowfat Chocolate Whole Chocolate Snow Cream Milk Vanilla Soft Serve Chocolate Soft Serve Egg Nog (seasonal
  9. I just called Chattem, Inc., the maker of Pamprin products. They confirmed for me that ALL Pamprin products are gluten free! The starch they use is either from corn or potatoes.
  10. aveda update...scalp benefits shampoo & conditioner are SAFE!!!
  11. Update on Aveda products...Just got off the phone with Aveda. I was told that NONE of their conditioners are gluten-free!!!!! However, scalp benefits shampoo is gluten-free.
  12. [i love great harvest gluten free goodness basic white...no crumbles, very moist. you can order it from chattanooga great harvest
  13. I just got off the phone with Sally Hansen, and all of their nail polishes are gluten-free except for the Maximum Growth plus line.
  14. Yes, I received my order yesterday. Before going gluten-free, I loved Great Harvest's breads. Now, that I am gluten-free, I love them even more! Their basic white is moist and by far the cest gluten-free bread you will find! The blueberry muffins and bread are great too! Must try this stuff!
  15. subject gluten discussion thread Response (kate g.) 04/10/2007 03:30 PM hi Megan! thank you for contacting philosophy! following is a list of products with potential allergens in the ingredients: WHEAT a pigment of your imagination time on your hands amazing grace conditioner falling in love conditioner shear splendor daily conditioner save me big shot swabs big blow off pure grace conditioner SOY when hope is not enough serum help me big blow off shear splendor shampoo shear splendor conditioner OAT amazing grace shower gel baby grace shower gel baby grace lotion pure grace shimmer lotion pure grace lotion if you would like more information, please do not hesitate to contact customer service at 1-800-568-3151 and we will be happy to help! kind regards, kate g. join cristina carlino, brand creator and dara lynn, director of consumer education on QVC April 14th as they present a Today's Special Value kit of new and exciting philosophy products that will change your skin forever! this Today's Special Value kit brings you brand new technology from philosophy, in
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