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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. hey cyberprof- i was recently diagnosed w/ celiac- i wish i would have known when i was your sons age... always small- at 15years old i weighed 91 pounds and i was 5'1" maybe! i remember the exact weight because i was on the high school wrestling team and wrestled at 102. pounds (the wrestling was not my idea- i enjoyed soccer much more )- but, the following year at 16 years old- i returned to school at 140 pounds and 5'8'- puberty had hit! almost nobody at school recognized me- i still have stretch marks on my lower back from this growth spurt- i began to lift weights a bit and continued to put on weight and grow- it was not until my early to mid twenties when i started feeling unwell at times- but that is because i had no idea my diet was trashing my body- i grew to 5'10" and weighed 175- i won't go into the rest of my story- but if i were your son i would give it just a little longer- eat right - maybe lift some weights- and continue to do research- it's a tough thing to be smaller and less developed- but hang in there- the growth is right around the corner! your friend, Joopie (latebloomertoo)
  3. thanks Peter for the info and congrats! it really is a big change! my wife is helping me huge! sippin' on some wine right now- normally it might be a micro-brewed beer.... , J.
  4. celebrating first week gluten free - accomplished! chocholate/chocolate chip muffins for everyone- compliments of my wonderful wife! (gluten free of course) , joopie my pic won't post?
  5. lizard- you are so right about a supportive spouse - very important! she has already put together some things from gluten free recipes- i will have to post some pics of the goodies she is already making. hey riceguy- i do hope you are right about the removal of gluten and its possible effects. -thinking positive and sticking to the plan! , Joopie.
  6. thank you ravenwoodglass and ksymonds84 fro the response! i am doing as much research on the gluten subject as i can. i am also sensitive to sugar- my glucose borders on pre-diabetic... i have always been lean in build so i need to be careful not to go catabolic on the new diet. this change will prove challenging- but, i am fortunate to have a very supportive wife who has already making some incredible gluten free meals- and a beautiful 5 year old son to keep my spirits up. thanks again- i look forward to feeling better, learning more and helping others if i can, , joopie.
  7. hello, first let me say i have visited this site before and it seems like a warm croud- so, thanks in advance for sharing your thoughts! i have had many unexplained health issues for many years- recently switched to a integrated medicine w/ a naturopathic doc- just had some blood work done- doc says celiac disease... i am hoping this might be the answer to my problems - i have adjusted my diet to be gluten free-below are results: Endomysial Anibody, IgA in a reference range from 40 - 350 result = 330 - negative? Tissue transglutaminase, IgA w/ negative range <20 result = 37 positive. Gliadin IgG w/ negative range <20 result = 2 negative GliadinIgA w/ negative range <20 result = 4 negative
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