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  1. Better to be safe then sorry. I've done that too many times to count with immodium before...sometimes it's just better to feel comfortable then speed about 105 mph down the road to find a bathroom
  2. I used to eat Amy's a lot, loved the pizza and the burrito thingies..but I got sick a few times off of it and now I just don't trust them anymore...I've heard mixed reviews about each so I think it's a personal decision, much like so many other products. I like that Amy's tries to be gluten free, I wish more companies would, but it just didn't work for me in the long run!
  3. Whole foods bread makes me sick too...the only bread that I think tastes half way decent is the millet bread from DeLand Bakery and now they're making you order a minimum of 24 loaves to get, so I haven't had bread in awhile...
  4. I like their cookies abd biscuits. Their bread and pizza crust weirds me out because all 3 times I've tried either of them, the next morning I'm emergency sick...It wasn't the tomato sauce in the pizza either because I use Newman's and I've used that on TONS of things...so maybe I was just having bad days?
  5. I ordered some, among a few other things and got them today!!! The waffles look normal!!! How do you cook Chow Mein Noodles...and whats the best recepie...
  6. I've never heard anyone say that either. I don't think it's possible to get glutened off of your own bottle of Chardonney...I wasn't really partying just casually enjoying time with loved ones...I guess that makes sense but I crave pizza on the regular...just because where I work its always around...and boy does it smell delicious. thanks for the advice!!!
  7. I am DYING for a dang soft pretzel.......why have I not been able to find anything like one since I've been diagnosed...and WHY is it that when you get a little tipsy off of some weekend social activities that you CRAVE gluten. My boyfriend is amazing, luckily...because I wanted pizza so horribly this weekend and luckily he didn't allow it! And I'm talking Domino's...I know there's gluten-free pizza but it isn't the same
  8. Well I'm horrible and sometimes substitute a Coca-Cola for a meal...I find that if I have two or so sodas throughout the day my stomach starts going crazy...could be because of the caffene and carbonation that makes me feel that way and lack of substaintial food in my system...sometimes if you aren't eating enough, caffene can really mess with you!
  9. Does anyone know if Dippin Dots are gluten free? I don't have time to call the company and wanted to know for tonight!
  10. I love that y'all do this!!! My parents will be going for me!!! Hopefully they'll send the samples to me and not eat them!
  11. I can't eat Amy's foods....I've gotten sick off of them and I thought I read somewhere on this site that they don't claim gluten-free anymore due to cross-contamination reasons.
  12. Utz is a good company. I'm originally from the Hanover/Gettysburg area and know some of the big wigs in the company very well. They're more reliable than the chips that you'd get from Snyders (for obvious reasons). I'm sorry they didn't answer your e-mail, they're usually very prompt about responding but like most large companies sometimes things are overlooked. I have never had a problem eating them because the risk of cross contamination, while there, is much less than other places. They have a line for their pretzels...which is in a separate part of the factory than their chips...they don't run those on the same line. Not saying that they don't run their other flavored chips on the same line but I do know that they don't mix things to that extent!
  13. I had no idea Heinz tomato soup was gluten free...that is exciting news!! I've had some bad Wendy's experiences as of lately too, so I try to steer clear from there and I have been using a lot of corn tortillas but I wish those darn things would hold together a little bit better!! I don't have a Wegeman's near me but I do have Whole foods and Publix...however, whole foods is tight on the tiny budget. Thanks for the help!
  14. I work a full-time job and live by myself...and when I come home I am usually too tired to make anything decent to eat for dinner....Some days I barely eat anything since I've been diagnosed...I don't pack lunches and will just eat little snacks throughout the day. Are there any good, quick recipes that anyone could share with me? I really like all kinds of foods but I think I need to start eating more or I'm going to burn out..
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