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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. Thank you for the information, he feels much better and has said he'd let me make any kind of doctors appt. I wish to, just so he doesn't have to feel like that again. I'll start calling tomorrow to find a GI/stomach doctor. Hopefully the dr. will know about all the things you have mentioned. ...
  3. Momma Goose, thanks for your concern and input. He is sleeping right know, which I guess celiacs do often when they've been glutened. I worry about him and get frustrated at the same time. I take it very serious when he gets glutened because I'm the one feeding him, and ofcourse I don't want to...
  4. Had to take my husband to the ER this afternoon, we didn't go in thought! He said he'd feel so dumb going in with all those people who could really be in need of ER help and all he had was bad stomach pain. So we sat in the car and waited for the pain to subside. Well it subsided and he's in bed...
  5. Hey BritChick, thanks for responding. He just came to tell be he feels so, so bad and that he is just going to bed. I'm his "food supplier" another words, NO food goes into his body without me knowing it , he has been relying on me these past 2 months from researching, shopping and cooking/preparing...
  6. My husband is currently in alot of pain, the last thing he ate was an orange. He says he has never been able to eat ornages because they burn his stomach, even before we found out about gluten-free. He's only two months into the gluten-free diet. Also, he has had 3 tablespoons of pepto and still...