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  1. Ok, I am a dummy. I looked up scones online and printed out a recipe from Babycakes for GLUTEN FREE raspberry scones. Went to whole foods, bought spelt, went home, made scones. THEY ARE SOOOOO GOOD. No wonder why, spelt is not gluten free. I had totally blanked. Duh. It's no big deal, i'm still on gluten bc my blood test is tomorrow, so i'm not too upset really, except for the fact that these scones ROCK!!!!! what can i do to recreate these sans gluten? teff? buckwheat? a mix of thirty different flours???? help. i love them. i loved the nutty flavor. i refuse to make them from some crappy bob's redmill biscuit mix! HELP ME!!!!! <3 charlesanne p.s. blood tests tomorrow, COMMENCE OPERATION GLUTEN-FREE ONCE AGAIN! yayayayayay!
  2. I would love on as well if it is still available... I think the original post was in 05 or something?
  3. I live in Houston as well and feel your same frustration. I checked out the houston celiacs thing as well and I had the same reaction, it rubbed me the wrong way as well. I'm going to jot down all the placed mentioned above, but just FYI... I went to Niko Niko's today and they knew EXACTLY what I was talking about and could tell me on the menu what did and did not have gluten in it (although they don't have a gluten free menu). They also have a key on the register especially dedicated to Allergy customers so that the staff knows as well from your ticket. Also, I've eated the chicken fajitas at El Rey for months now and never had a problem... but stay away from any of their sauces, they are all thickened with flour... I realized that too late. Houston is difficult for this issue and I think it's even harder bc the celiac group seems so "for-profit". We should start a Houston chapter of Celiac Chicks!
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