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  1. As a warning, DO NOT use VITAMIN WORLD lactase enzymes. I have used them for years and for some reason today looked on the bottle, read the ingredients -nothing odd- but found the disclaimer "this product contains wheat"!!! No wonder why I still feel bloated and icky a year after going gluten-free. WTF!
  2. oh man, pierogies...yum. potatoey, cheesey filled lumps of goodness. and kolaczki...mmmmmmmmmm. apricot kolaczki... sometimes i like to day dream about food... well, jessica- like others have mentioned...don't rely on the tests alone! many people go this route, maybe for closure or for justification, which is fine. personally, i didn't go that route because i feel that modern medicine and many doctors treat symptoms- not the cause or root of the symptom. listen to your body!! chances are that if you think you're having a problem with gluten, you are. i don't think you stumbled upon this place for no good reason! i hope you start feeling better.
  3. aww, that sucks. i would suggest switching to all natural cosmetics and toiletries, but be careful! i just realized last night that i've been using Aveda for years and have had a very itchy scalp/ neck/ face on and offf...looked at the ingredients- BOOM... "wheat amino acids"...i'm totally bummed. i love aveda. i googled "gluten free shampoo" last night and there are a few companies out there that manufacture many toiletries. good luck!
  4. OH! i recommend trying Trader Joe's Midsummer's Night Cream. It's all natural and gluten free as far as i can tell on the label. I LOVE it. it's cheap, too!!!
  5. AH! me too! and i do the same thing in the shower! are yours tiny flesh colored bumps? mine are sporadic loners. i get them on my tummy and in the crack of my back on my spine and sometimes on my arms- they're SO annoying. no matter how much i scrub with my "michael jackson" glove, they don't leave. i have a patch on the back side of my hip- they were a large cluster about 5 inches wide and 3 inches tall. several years ago i noticed it and remember thinking "what IS this and where did it come from?!" since i've been trying very hard to be gluten free, it looks like it has gone down. for a while i thought i was having probs with wool or laundry detergent because my shoulders were SO itchy, they would get big bumps that wouldn't leave, and now they've left these very unattractive dark scars. just in time for vacation...thanks body!
  6. i'm new too and kind of in the same boat. my whole life i have been plagued by odd skin conditions, and was diagnosed as a small child as being allergic to water. yes, you read that correctly- water! there is apparently a name for it, but i honestly believe it is tied into ingesting gluten. i've had so many scratch test, etc, the only thing that showed up was things like pollen and whatnot. my skin is "scarred" in places by pigmentless dots where the itchies occurred. everything has settled down the last 2 months i've been gluten free. i posted about it in the DH forum. you can read it and see if it sounds like anything you've experienced. our bodies are very mysterious and strange, and i think we've lost touch with them with the evolution of modern medicine.
  7. I popped one (well, it was actually Walgreen's brand, cleverly named "wal-born") into my glass today and immediately felt icky afterwards- really bloated, tummy hurt...then the big D came a few hours later. thanks big D! always nice of you to show up... I read the label prior, and it looked OK ... i contacted them asking if their product was gluten free and all i received back was a reply with the list of ingredients... i'm new to this and still learning. anyone have problems besides me? Citric Acid , Sodium Bicarbonate , Inulin , Sorbitol , Lemon-Lime Flavor , Acesulfame Potassium , & Sucralose. and, then of course a buncha herbs/ minerals.
  8. i have been gluten free for about 2 months now. prior to that, my cycle would be anywhere from 31-35 days long, and i would have my period for 7-9 days. ugggggh. I never had any terrible PMS symptoms other than being verrrrrry tired and verrrrry cold. occasionally i would be insanely sensitive, but figured that was "normal" to cry for seemingly no reason. ha. and tummy prob's....let's not even go there. big D across the board for 2 or 3 days straight. so much fun. both periods that have occurred while being gluten free, especially the last one, have been MUCH different. My last one lasted for only 5 days- woo! both arrived at 33 days... it'll be interesting to see what happens the longer i carry out being gluten free.
  9. I have been gluten free for about 2 months now, feeling GREAT. I don't have an official diagnosis ( i don't feel i need closure, but other people in my life seem much more concerned about that than i do...i know you all can relate. very frustrating. I'm so glad that i found this forum!). My entire family is LI, and I have been lactose intolerant since about age 11. Finding out that it ties in with gluten intolerance/ celiac disease is really interesting to me. How lactose intolerant are you? What can you eat and how much before you get sick? Do lactose enzyme pills help you? I ALWAYS have them strapped on me at all times, and they help tremendously- but I only take them when i'm out (i don't like taking meds if i don't have to). I can eat ice cream all day with hardly any prob's, but things that are recommended for LI like yogurt hurt my tum instantly. Our bodies are so odd, aren't they?!
  10. oh my goodness- ailments! i have been lurking on this forum for quite some time and now i get to put my two cents in... a lot of what you have described sounds familiar. here comes stories! ok, for back ground i have been as gluten free and careful as i can be for about 2 months now. i'm sure some gluten may have slipped in here and there, but i am learning and being very careful and observant. i have not been officially diagnosed because i HATE doctors and don't want to be poked. i admire you all for going through with it....anyhoot.... those bumps you've described- i got two on my finger last weekend. i've never seen anything like that before, but they were smallish, liquid filled, and they hurt and itched at the same time. now they've just kind dried up...what gives?! as a child, i had all sorts of strange skin things happening. i was a very itchy child! i had scratch test after scratch test done, which were all inconclusive, so the doctor finally said i was allergic to water. yes, that's right, water. my skin is now left with little, colorless dots all over where i used to get crazy, itchy rashes. battle wounds i suppose. 4th grade ish. still crazy things happening with my skin, but to a lesser degree- i would get huge welts on my face that could have been mistaken for pimples- only they were puffy and did not respond to the high amounts of retin-a i was forced to put all over my poor little face. ouch! all symptoms (minus random tummy probs) vanished until 2003. those welts returned. i also developed a red patch underneath my eye. i noticed it would get swollen and puffy seemingly out of nowhere. i would also get an itchy rash on my face. went back to the dermotologist who didn't listen to anything i said and wanted to put me on oral antibiotics...i settled for a topical. which by the way only masked the problem. as i mentioned, i have been gluten free for the most part, and those odd puffs and itchies have disepated. i noticed the two or so times i think i ingested gluten, the pesky puff patch has returned. obviously, none of you are doctors and i don't expect you to diagnose me...but i would trust the opinion of someone who has dealt with this kind of thing over someone who has maaaybe witnessed it or read about it second hand. any sort of idea on what's happenin would be greatly appreciated! sorry for the rant/ thread hijack...
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