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  1. I have noticed a LOT of Lotions have Wheat Germ Oil or Vitamin E. Vitamin E can come from wheat sources and I did some research to find out which Vitamin E is not wheat. Anything that is labeled 'd-alpha tocopherol' is not made from wheat. It is very hard to find good lotions with this in them.
  2. I have been researching this and it seems that if the label reads 'd-alpha-tocopherol' it is not made from wheat. I think if it just says Vitamin E I would be wary. Also, any other tocopherols may contain wheat. Unfortunately the wheat derived Vitamin E is in a lot of Shampoo's, Conditioners, Makeup, Lotions, etc. I recently purchased Vitamin E Oil by NOW (www.nowfoods.com) and it's nice and thick. I just make it a point to read labels because a lot of shampoos and conditioners have wheat germ oil in them now. Also, as far as vitamins, the same applies. Nature Made vitamins does label whether or not their vitamins contain gluten. I like their brand the best because they are allergy-concious and label their products if they have any other allergens such as soy or dairy.
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