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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   04/07/2018

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    My daughters, grandson, church and work keep me focused. I'm a operating room nurse and love what I do. I love to travel and do mission work and will do more. in the future with myhusband. Having found this forum has really increased my interest in finding out everything I can about celiac disease.
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  1. You mentioned being lactose intolerant. Before I was diagnosed and for the previous seven years I was lactose intolerant. I had always eaten yogurt for breakfast and been a big cheese fan but as my disease progressed I had to give them up. Since being diagnosed three years ago, I now eat both with no trouble. It did take a while before I could tolerate either and I was reluctant to try them at first but I really missed the yogurt. It's now a regular part of my breakfast again. But I've not heard of a cheese that's both dairy and gluten free.
  2. Obesity

    Congratulations Mariann, I wish you continued success. I've gained about 10 pounds since being diagnosed three years ago. Actually, I'm at the weight I was before I really started having problems, which is too much. I was down to 131 and I'm now at 140 and my clothing is starting to get snug. I've been off work for seven weeks because I had surgery and will return Tuesday so maybe being on my feet, moving a lot more (I'm an operating room nurse) I'll be able to loose a little bit. I've been exercising at home but I may try a gym since there would be more equipment available. I'm trying, like you, not to eat the cookies, cakes, etc. because I'm getting married next month and I'd really like to shed a few of these pounds. Keep your fingers crossed for me. Best of luck with continued weight loss. I know it's not easy..............Judy
  3. I too am a nurse and have always used zinc oxide, which is a product that is in many anal ointments. I used it on my children when they were babies to prevent diaper rash. My father had a lot of trouble with "anal itch" and hemorrhiods. He felt it was a life saver to him. This is just another suggestions because I know there are many things on the market today that will work................Judy
  4. celiac3270, You are definitely right! Daniell"s Chocolate Cake Mix from the Gluten-Free Pantry is great. I made it and took it to work. I had several ask for the recipe and they were even more surprised when they saw that I was eating it. I have to be careful and not make it too often---I like it too much!!
  5. My father was German and my mother Dutch/Irish. Looking back Mom had numerous problems with diarrhea but just delt with it and didn't seek any medical help. She passed away four years ago but now that I've been diagnosed with celiac, I wonder if maybe she had it also but it was a disease doctors just didn't know that much about when she was younger.
  6. Scuse the mispelling of the word "disease"...and I did it twice!! Judy
  7. Californiagirl, Heartfelt comfort for the loss of your mother. You asked about a deficiency of B12 and iron. My celiac diease was misdiagnosed for seven years and I experieced both of those plus severe anemia. I received three transfusions but still could not get my iron levels up. My stomach wouldn't tolerate iron tablets so I finally had to have an iron infusion. Since then, my levels have stayed pretty normal. With all the diarrhea, my system was absorbing very little nutrition and I'm wondering if you've not experienced the same problem. I've been gluten free for three years now and except for one bad bout that lasted for a couple of month this spring, I've felt great. Hang in there and don't become discouraged. In the three years that I've been diagnosed there have been so many improvements in food products and restaurants that are gluten-free friendly. I believe this is a diease that's just being discovered by many physicians here in the states. As stated in the previous e-mail, I think you'll find a lot of information on this site and just talking with others. Take care and good luck. ............Judy
  8. I live in Bethany, Oklahoma, which is a surburb of Oklahoma City. This may not have anything to do with the disease itself but it is interesting to know where those we correspond with live.................
  9. Dessa........... You said you make pizza crust out of corn chips. Do you have a certain recipe that you have made up to use them? That's a great idea that I'd never thought of. I love Mexican food and thank goodness, most of it is permissable but I do miss a good pizza. I know you can buy gluten free frozen ones but they leave a lot to be desired. I don't eat bread any more, just gluten free crackers and chips. I'd appreciate any suggestions Thanks........................Judy
  10. Hi............ Has anyone tried the Bob's Red Mill All Purpose gluten-free Baking Flour? I've made a banana bread (the recipe's on the package) and thought it was quite tasty. You do have to add Xanthan Gum but that's the only other ingredient besides the ususal ones that you would use to make banana bread. It's a combination of garbanzo flour, potato starch, tapioca flour, "sweet" white sorghum flour and fava flour. I've used it as a thickener in soups and other things and it works quite well. It's available at our Albertson's here, as is the McCanns oatmeal that many have talked about. Just food for thought.....................Judy
  11. Secret Eats

    Christine......... You mentioned you liked the maple and brown sugar oatmeal, so do I but as you said, that's a no-no. Have you tried any of the Lundberg Family Farms rice products? They have a cinnamon rasin rice cereal that's really not bad. If you're not familiar with them click on www.lundberg.com . They have several gluten-free products that our health food store carries. Good luck with your new diagnosis. I was diagnosed three years ago and what a welcome change since I changed my diet. And once you become accustomed to it, it's really not that bad. I take no medications --just restrict my diet. You'll find some great answers on this fourm.........Judy
  12. Hi All............ To you that have been diagnosed with osteoporosis don't get too down on yourselves. Granted, it's not something that will cure itself but there are many things you can do to slow the progression. Weight bearing exercise is one of the best------just simple walking. I was diagnosed six years ago and started on Fosamax which I take once a week. Daily I consume 1500mg of calcium by taking Viactiv three times a day. It comes in chocolate and mocha (my favorite) and several other flavors and is gluten-free. It's just like having an after dinner mint after each meal. Other calcium rich foods are yogurt, cheese dark green vegetables, salmon and tofu. I don't dislike milk but as an adult, I'm just not a milk drinker. I had a bone density scan last week and had almost a 6% improvement in my hips and spine mass so I guesss some of this is working. I'm sure not being diagnosed with celiac until three years ago didn't help my absorption rate of calcium but I'm pleased that I'm maintaining and not loosing more mass. Good luck to all of you...............Judy
  13. Paula, You were wondering about iron deficiency anemia. My Hgb had dropped to 5.4 (normal for a female is 12 to 14). I was very tired all the time but the gastroenterologist that I was seeing at the time didn't diagnose my celiac. I received several blood transfussions trying to get my Hgb and iron levels up----to no avail. After finally being diagnosed three years ago my body finally straightened out but I couldn't get my iron levels up with oral medications because my tummy wouldn't tolerate them. Finally, I was given an iron infusion (it takes about six hours for the infusion) but I felt like a different person after having it-------so much more pep and energy. At times I've felt a bit tired and wondered if my iron level was going down but I've always bounced back so I really don't think that was my problem. I craved crushed ice constantly and I've not reallly cared for it since my infusion. I can't begin to tell you how much better I felt. Good luck. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised at the difference it will make................Judy
  14. Kathleen, I've tried twice to send you my e-mail address by clicking on the e-mail site on the bottom of your reply but it has come back to me both times as "mail delivery failure". I really don't know what I'm doing wrong. Can you suggest any other way that you can get my address? Congratulations on your weight loss. Gee, that's great!! I really need to loose about ten pounds, that I've put on since going gluten free, before I'm married this summer. And I know how important exercise is in the whole process. Since spring is coming and I'm a walker, hoepfully that will help. Thanks for your reply................Judy
  15. Mario, I'm a real peanut butter eater and when I was diagnosed I was told not to eat regular peanut butter. I use Smucker's Natural Peanut Butter. The only ingredients are peanuts and salt. I didn't realize how much sugar was in regular peanut butter until I had eaten this for a while. Jif was always my favorite but it tastes so sweet since I've started eating Smucker's. It does have the peanut oil on the top so when it's opened it has to be mixed a bit. Actually I pour about half the oil off because I don't want all the added calories. Hope this is some help to you. I've noticed you've had several replies about peanut butter. Good luck with your diet. It just takes time. I've been gluten free for three years and a couple of months ago I started having problems again. I'm sure it was something I'd been eating over a period of time that I didn't realize was not gluten free so I just started eliminating things as many have told you to do. It will work if you'll just be patient..............Judy