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  1. I am a new Celiac for the past 4 months - have been watching what i eat very carefully - finding that even with watching what i am eating i have reactions to some nuts, fruit and maybe even milk - havent pin pointed it down to what it still causing my stomach to go crazy (especially in the evenings) - i dont eat a lot anyway but am getting frustrated as to why my stomach is still going crazy on me! [ quote name='MarisaB' date='Apr 10 2007, 12:33 PM' post='289691'] Hi, I'm a newly diagnosed Celiac and I'm at a total loss. I have been reading/absorbing all I can and I am still finding it overwhelming. I have just found out that I am not only a celiac but I also am allergic to milk protien, chocolate, and walnuts. I believe there are a multitude of other food allergens...I am just having a hard time figuring out what they are. I have been feeling great for the last week or so and then this weekend I got really sick. I was having a hard time figuring out if I had a virus or if I got glutened. The symptoms are the same for me. (Fatigued, muscle & joint pain, "D", every time I eat my stomach goes crazy). This has happened 2x's in the last two weeks. The only two things I can come up with are: 1. Kettle Chips- Sea Salt & Vinegar 2. San J's- Soy Sauce -No wheat Does anyone else have a problem with either of these items? Thank you, Marisa
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