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  1. Hi! I am a mother of a 21 year old daughter who has celiac. She was diagnosed at the age of 2 and has been on a strict gluten free diet since then...until she went off to college. She found that she could cheat on the diet and not feel sick - so she cheated on the diet in little ways (like eating soy sauce with wheat). Well, she started to experience issues with her arms and legs. In her left arm she has a spot above her elbow that sends out pain that travels up and down her arm. At one point it was so bad that her fingers were experiencing spasms. No one can touch her calves without severe cramping occurring, and at times she can't wear shoes because her feet are so tender - especially the top of her feet. We have had blood tests, scans, and seen a neurologist and no one can help. We did see an acupuncturist and she saw that her problems all stem from her small intestines,but she is just giving Tiffany massages to do on her calves. She has returned to a strict gluten free diet for about 6 months. Has anyone experienced this? Does anyone know what is wrong or what we need to do? Mary-Lynn
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