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  1. Hi all - I know this is an old thread, but I found it when I was researching places to eat in MV and I thought anyone else who finds it should know... The Wharf in Edgartown has apparently changed hands and the new owner, well... he was quite rude and extremely annoyed that people have been calling him to ask about gluten-free dining. He even told my husband that if we tried to eat there he wouldn't serve me anything but a plain lettuce salad!! I have to say, nothing ruins a Celiac's vacation day faster than having a simple "Hi - I hear you're familiar with the gluten free diet" produce a tirade from someone supposedly in the customer service business. Luckily, a few blocks up the street was a very nice restaurant called Alchemy. They knew all about gluten and were happy to help us out, so all was not lost. The server even asked 'are there any allergies at the table' when she took our drink orders. Food was very tasty too I've also sent this to the admins on that gfguideny web page, so they can update it. Another note - The Scottish Bakehouse listed there was wonderful, but I'd recommend calling ahead to place a gluten-free order. The first day we went in around 11AM they were already sold out of all the gluten-free breakfast pastries! But they will make anything on their long list of gluten-free recipes for you if you call the day before you plan to visit. Hope that helps!!
  2. Speaking of - was thinking of trying to use the Namaste spice cake mix to come up with a version of the starbucks Pumpkin Scone (my favorite fall treat!) Anyone tried something like that?
  3. Hey NoGluGirl, SO sorry to hear about your family's attitude. It's horrible to have to deal with that on a day-to-day basis. After reading some of the horror stories from other people on this board (family who won't accept it, friends who try to purposefully gluten you to prove you're 'faking', etc), I realize that I'm DAMN lucky hubby's handled this all so well. This diet is rough enough *with* support, you're incredibly strong to be able to follow it in a household like that. Glad your brother is starting to see the light - if that continues, maybe your parents will start to see things differently, too. Christa
  4. Thanks for the recipe, I've been REALLY wanting to make a sorghum bread! Question though - I have a problem with potatoes, anyone have recommendations for an alternate starch for the flour mix? Thanks!
  5. I LOVE THIS THREAD!! I discovered my gluten problem when hubby and I decided to go on one of those "program' diets - the kind where all your meals come in tiny microwaveable packages. After a few months of eating only 1200 calories a day with some form of bread product for every meal AND starchy snacks AND cakey desserts, I'd gained 10 pounds and was in so much pain I could barely move. After my Celiac dx, I switched to gluten-free and started getting my health back. And I lost weight Hubby found it 'too hard' to stick to his program solo, so he started eating regular food again. I remember him complaining that he still needed to lose weight while shoving a bucket of Cheesecake Factory pasta in his mouth! Ugh!!! Made me want to dump the whole thing on his head!! But kudos to him, after things with my health normalized a bit, he got back on the program diet, and has now lost enough weight that he feels comfortable going off the program and joining me on the gluten-free path. And he's losing weight still. One other thing - now that I've slimmed down, people at work keep coming up to me and asking, 'what's your secret'? When I tell them "I can't eat anything with gluten, dairy, or soy in it" they pull the "Oh, I couldn't ever give up my (insert high-calorie treat here)"! Well - guess that means my secret *really* is, the longer I'm without the foods I used to be addicted to, the less I even think about them. I used to cry a lot over missing my old foods - I would come home on a day someone had celebrated their birthday at the office and just HOWL in self-pity for an hour. Now, I can watch someone eating their gluten cake in front of me and not even blink. So yay. I guess I'm evolving.
  6. So sorry to hear about the rollercoaster you're on! Question - you mentioned you have DH, have you gotten that biopsied? I've heard that if you have confirmed DH, you have celiac (you can have Celiac without DH, but can't have DH without Celiac). I think if you can get a real confirmation on that, you wouldn't need an endoscopic biopsy at all. Someone please correct me if I'm wrong!
  7. Hi DogtorJ, Just wanted to say I found your website a while back when I first went gluten-free and everyone was just starting to hear about the toxic gluten in dog foods. Our Shih Tzu mix (a rescue dog) has always had allergies, he would scratch himself bloody if he wasn't on his steroid medication. I'd been bugging Future-Hubby to try a gluten-free diet for the dog, and he just wouldn't do it (he'd spent too much on huge bulk bags of our vet's 'recommended' uber-expensive brand). Then I found your site, and showed him the article that mentions the decline in the Irish Setter population. He went out and bought a bag of gluten-free food that afternoon. It's six weeks later, our little Fizzgig is off his medication and never itches at all. It's truly remarkable. We'd never seen him jump before, and now he leaps up onto the couch like it's nothing. He's so much peppier and happier. And I know he'll be with us for a very long time. I just wanted to thank you and tell you to keep up the good work - without your site, I don't know how long it would have taken me to beat FH into submission. Oh - and on a side note, FH decided to go gluten-free after that, and many of his lifelong complaints are going away too!
  8. Thanks Burdee - looks like US BioTek really nailed it for you!! I'm going to ask my ND if she'd mind testing through them instead - I also like the amount of info they have online about their quality control process.
  9. Hi Dahlia - I'm doing this right now as well, so you're not alone!! Currently I'm not eathing: beans, nuts, sugars, yeasts, nightshades, dairy and gluten. It's a lot to cut out. But I seem to be feeling much better for it. I think my body just really needed a break after 10 years of misdiagnosis. So, can you have honey? There are a few recipe sites for a diet called "The Specific Carbohydrate Diet' that only use honey as a sweetener - heavy on nut flours though.
  10. Hi Dahlia - check out the Los Angeles Celiac yahoo group - I think they have a listing of support groups in their files section, if not someone from the list can tell you for sure.
  11. My ND wants to test me through Meridian Valley, but I have to say I wasn't impressed with their website, so I'm a little worried. Not to say an uninformative website means they're a bad lab, but it doesn't really give one confidence. I know some labs have very low accuracy rates, and was just wondering where people in general got their tests done and were you happy with your results? Thanks all!
  12. Sweet - I have an alt undead mage, but she's only level 35 I'm on Shu'halo - you?
  13. Hey Sweetfudge - there are a couple of online quizzes you can take to see if candida is a problem for you, but I think if you start an elimination diet you'll be pretty much on an anti-candida diet as well (someone correct me if I'm wrong there). I'm doing an elimination diet now, and it's helping me a LOT!! Doubt I would ever have realized that I have a problem with potatoes, of all things (and me, part Irish, sheesh). Hoping after I'm fully healed, my intolerances will subside. Sigh. BTW - looked at your profile... Horde or Alliance? 70 Shadow Priest, for the Horde!! (apologies to non-Warcraft players)
  14. The sublinguals I use go under the tongue and dissolves there, getting absorbed right into the bloodstream. I am not sure, but if you're drinking a powder, I'd assume it goes straight into the damaged gut which can't really absorb anything right now. I know you feel crappy, but hang in there, some people (like me) just take longer to heal. I'd go with some of the advice of others here, too - try cutting out soy (if you haven't already) and see how that goes. Try a food diary - see if your symptoms get better/worse after you eat something specific. Make sure you call the manufacturer on any item you're not sure of, because they don't have to list everything on the label. It's normal to have ups and downs during recovery. A month really isn't a very long time to heal - I know you feel a time crunch because school is approaching, but hang in there. It will get better. And you did say your reflux is gone, so that's still progress! Don't sell yourself short!
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