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  1. Oh this is so very interesting........ thanks for posting this information I am waiting for an appointment to see my GI to discuss my biospy results. I know that my biopsy showed only raised intraepithelial lymphocytes. My endomysium is negative, but I have a slighlty raised tTG, total IgA and anti-gliadin. I have been thinking that my biospy results were too non-specific to diagnose celiac but maybe I was wrong - what does anyone think ? Rebz
  2. thank you for your replies. I shall wait and see what the GI says before making any decision on a gluten-free diet. I am reluctant to start without a definite diagnosis of celiac and these results are not convincing to me, though maybe others would think they are ?
  3. Here are my blood results. total IgA - 4.38 g/L (0.8-2.8 normal range) Endomysium IgA - negative IgA gliadin - 35U/mL (15-30U/ml equivocal range) IgG gliadin - 13 U.mL (15-30U/ml equivocal range) IgA t-Transglutaminase 22 U/ml (normal range 0-15U/ml) Biopsy results only showed ' subjective patchy increase in intraepithelial lymphocytes' I am waiting for an appointment with GI doc to discuss results. Before the biopsy he said he thought it would be negative with these blood results. I am totally confused - I think he will say that these results don't indicate celiac because there is no villous atrophy etc... I am thinking he will tell me I have IBS. Am I in denial about this do you think or are these results as borderline as I think they are... Any comments are greatly appreciated Rebecca
  4. Thank you for your knowledgable replies. You are correct that they look only for villous atrophy, not for lymphocytosis. I think they usually do 4 biopsies at this centre, is it worth asking them to take more ? From what you are saying even if the biopsy is negative, and hence they won't diagnose celiac, it would be worth seeing if I have dietary response. Rebecca
  5. Hello I have just come across a scientific paper written by my GI doc, looking at the positive predictive value of the tTG IgA test ie if you have a positive test what is the chance of you having celiac disease. The centre looked at 2000 patients with GI symptoms ,then how many of those with positive tTG results actually celiac disease. The answer is between 9-30%, depending if you are in a high or low risk group. The high or low risk group was defined by symtoms such as abdo pain, diarrhea etc.. I am really interested in anyones view of this - I have a positive tTG but negative EMA, and am scheduled for biopsy on Monday at this centre. Thought I had a high risk of having celiac disease because of the positive tTG, now I am totally confused.. Any ideas anyone ? Rebecca
  6. sorry - got confused myself. I am scheculed for a gastroscopy and a colonoscopy at the same time. My fear is that I managed the gastroscopy without sedation but that was quick - 5-10mins maybe. The colonoscopy info stuff says it can take 30mins. Not sure if I can remain calm while people prod me for that long. anyone got experience of colonoscopy without sedation ? thanks Rebecca
  7. Hello I have a gastroscopy and endoscopy scheduled for next week. I have had a gastroscopy before without sedation and that was fine. My friend who has had an endoscopy advised sedation. I don't know which I find the most scary - to be sedated or to have the procedures while fully awake. You experiences, good and bad, would be appreciated. thanks Rebecca
  8. thanks for the replies I guess I am hoping for a negative biopsy and clutching at anything that might indicate that the other results were non-specific or false positives. I guess its a matter of not feeling ill and thinking of the foods I'll have to find alteratives too. I have a child with a severe nut allergy and that seemed a struggle at the start but now its fine - you adapt and find alternatives. thanks again rebz
  9. Hi I'm confused - positive blood results except endomysium IgA which is negative. Have read loads of stuff about 'positive predictive value' etc and seems to be conflict between positive IgA tTG and negative IgA endomysium. Any ideas what this means. Gluten sensitive or not ? Thank you Rebz
  10. Thanks for your reply. I am still confused about the negative endomysium result. Does the fact that this is negative suggest that the positive results could be 'non-specific' or 'false' positives ?
  11. Hello I have had blood tests done and they have come back with some increased and some not. I am confused particulary about the negative endomysium test as I thought that was supposed to be the most specific for celiac and the fact that the increased ones don't appear very much outside the normal range. My doc suggested that I have a 10% chance of having a positive biopsy but I'm not sure about this. How positive is the t-Transglutaimase results - is this the sort of level you would expect for celiac ? Any thoughts ? total IgA - 4.38 g/L (0.8-2.8 normal range) Endomysium IgA - negative IgA gliadin - 35U/mL (15-30U/ml equivocal range) IgG gliadin - 13 U.mL (15-30U/ml equivocal range) IgA t-Transglutaminase 22 U/ml (normal range 0-15U/ml) thanks Rebz
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