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  1. Thank you all for your thoughts and knowledge!! I did have H-pylori. I was diagnosed in January and took the antibiotics. Doc just checked for it again and it is still negative. Thank goodness!!! BUT the "non-specific chronic gastritis" is still there!!!! It sounds so horrible...like this inflammation that is only getting worse for who knows why It is the only thing that I can tie back to the gastritis...this gluten senstivity!!! I have been gluten free for 2 weeks and do NOT feel better yet. I assume it could take some time. I do nothing to cause this gastritis..no smoking, drinking, aspirin. So it must be something else. If anyone else has other ideas, please let me know. I will see my doc on May 9th and want to be prepared with a ton of questions! QUESTION: Do any of you also suffer from pain in the right rib cage area. Kinda underneith...an aching, bruised, and tugging feeling. It starts in the middle of the ribs (in front) and wraps around my right side towards my back....thought I would toss this out there too. p.s. I had my gallbladder tested it is A-OK! THANKS A TON!!!!
  2. Hey! This is my first post on this site! It is very exciting to get to know all of you and learn how to live gluten free I do NOT have the gene for celiac and my intestinal biopsy came back perfect! BUT I did test POSITIVE to gluten antibodies....I would guess this means I have a senstivity to gluten but no disease. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have Gastritis and they can not find out why!!! I have constant belching and sometimes other GI problems...but Gastritis is the only thing they can find. Does anyone else have this connection between gastritis and gluten sensitivity?????? This is the only sense I can make!!! I really want this to go away so that I can stop the belching and have an answer. Thanks a TON!
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