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  1. Hi, One of my first symptoms was shakey hands and then they started going numb. Then I started having facial numbness. Finally I began having short term memory loss and couldn't even talk straight. I even was writing things out of order. It was very strange and frustrating. I had unbearable fatigue, elevated liver enzymes, joint pain and went blind in one eye from advanced wet macular degeneration! I also suffered from double vision for two years but that was probably from the wet macular degeneration. The scarring may have finally stopped that along with wearing prisms. I was told it was all unrelated (ideopathic) and that I was depressed! It took about 7 years to be diagnosed. I no longer have the short term memory loss and I can talk right again. I still have some anxiety and I have had sinus surgery, back surgery, gall bladder surgery, ectopic pregnancy, foot ulcers, and have to have the cartilage fixed in both knees in a few weeks. I have never had an injury though. I also was diagnosed with bilateral thoracic outlet syndrome, carpal tunnel, and I have spots on my brain. I also had bacterial overgrowth last year. I have been gluten free alost two years but still have bad digestive symptoms. I personally believe all this is from the Celiac Disease. Ree
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