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  1. for anyone out their still trying to find the answer... this is the response that I received when i emailed them..... Thank you for your email and for your enquiry. All of our Bubba Burger varieties are GLUTEN FREE! We do not add anything to our burgers, other than the sweet onion and jalapeno peppers. We do not add salt, soy, binders, fillers, or even water! Jennifer J. Williams Customer Service Sales & Support 904 482-1947 www.bubba-burger.com
  2. I'm pretty new myself.....and i dont like to cook. I can't help to much with the Bread Making but i can tell you that for "regular recipies" when you just need to thicken something or "add flour" if trying to convert a recepie to gluten free, I have found that packaged gluten-free pancake mixes work pretty well. I find it easier to have that handy for whe you just need a quarter cup etc... than to have all the different types of gluten-free flours. Good luck
  3. Hi- In need of help. After years of suffering my mother was diagnosed 5 years ago with Celiac Disease. I started to have trouble after my children were born (now 3 and 4). When I went to our family doctor and asked him about Celiac he pulled out a pda and punched it in. He then read me a "definition". This can NOT be the person I leave in charge of my childrens health. I got the information from my mother regarding what blood tests to run. He wrote the orders and the results came back "inconclusive". We all have the genetic marker. However, we had been gluten free for about a month when the blood work was done. I am not overly concerned about getting a DR. to do the actual diagnosis. I know we have Celiac and have confidence in that self diagnosis. We have all switched to a gluten free diet but I still have so many quetions. Things that I would like to be able to discuss, about my childrens future health, with someone who knows what they are talking about. Example: My 4 year old is very full of life, runs around and seems to thrive but... he always has dark circles under his eyes and he is VERY tall and thin. This could just be his body type but the circles make me wonder .... am I missing something? Is there something connected with Celiac that I'm missing. Please help if you know of a good doctor let me know. Desperate for Doctors in Michigan.
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