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  1. So, I go to the Ophthalmologist today b/c even after 4mo gluten free I'm realizing that I'm REALLY gluten sensitive and it has been affecting my eye (its very embarrassing in public). Anyways, I
  2. Does anyone else itch all night with a feeling that something is crawling on you. I know its in my head but I can't sleep b/c of it. I washed my sheets again yesterday hoping my mind would stop playin tricks on me, but unfortunatly it didnt help. Anyone else have this problem?
  3. I just bought some bread from the HF store and the girl told me that it was safe to eat but it says on the package that it contains gluten. She said that they only say that b/c they have wheat products in their bakery. Anyways the bread is called millet regular and it is made in deland, fl. The only ingred that I'm worried about is organic millet flour...i've never heard of that flour. Is it gluten-free?
  4. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v400/Tbr...93/IMG_2049.jpg this is me after being cc'd and it was my own fault! What can I do to speed up the recovery process. I leave for Vegas on Thursday and I really don't want to look and feel like this when I go on vacation! Someone told me to but Vit E on my eye. will that help it heal? I've also heard some people on this forum talk about probotics, they say they get over their symtoms quicker while taking it, is that right? HELP! Tina
  5. This is my 1st year gluten free and I have never had a thinksgiving w/ no pumpkin pie. please I need a recipe that taste like the "real" thing! Thanks
  6. the doc did say that I need to eat wheat the night before the endoscopy procedure. He said that the damage is done right after I eat the wheat product.
  7. I read on this forum that you need to eat wheat (gluten) to get an accurate result for blood panel. My GI doc said that as long as it hasnt been 3 years w no gluten the test would still pick up the antibodies he is looking for. I guess it really doesn't matter b/c he said either way the results go he will still do the endoscopy and test my intestines (I think I said that right). Has anyone got a pos blood panel after not eating gluten for a little over a month? I have had an accident on halloween where I took a bite of a candy bar that had gluten in it.
  8. Ive only been gluten free for about 4 weeks. On halloween, I had an accident with a kit-kat bar...one bite and the next day I had terriable cramping. It felt like my intestines were tied in a knot. My eye got puffy, eczma flared and my house allergies were bad too. I'm just now starting to feel better again.
  9. Just curious what other peoples' symptoms are. Thanks
  10. I have been on the wheat-free diet for about 3 weeks now and I finally started to feel better. My eye irritation finally went away and my allergies (to dust and my dogs) started to get better too. Then on Halloween night I accidently ate a twix bar (not thinking of the wafer inside the bar) and I swallowed it and thought, "crap...this has wheat in it!" I had that one little bite and threw it away. the next morning I woke up and my eyes were swollen and my stomach as in knots alllll day! I have never felt pain like that in my stomach before. It felt like someone tied my intestines in a knot! After a day that went away but my eyes are still messed up and my allergies are sensitve to the house and dogs again. oh yeah, and my ecezma is back too. Here is my question, how long will it take my body to get back to normal again? Do I have to wait 3 weeks again??? I only had a little bit and I can't believe how my body reacted to it! Thanks Tina
  11. Can she eat rice even though she tested positive for it? And what is sorghum flour...is that at the health food store? Tinkyada pasta ??? I've never heard of these items.
  12. Okay, so I'm new to all this gluten-free diet and celiac. A week ago I went on gluten-free diet for 10 days per allergist orders b/c I tested a 5 for a wheat allergy on the skin test (I start on my allergy shots soon). I also tested for other allergies but mostly environmental. I
  13. All this is very new to me b/c I just ended the gluten-free diet last week. When I told the doc what happened during the diet he just told me it is either celiac or that rare disorder I mentioned above and referred me to a GI doc but I wont be seen until the middle of July! So I don't know what to do until then...do i eat wheat...or does the GI doc need me to have the gluten in me to tell if I have c/d? What tests do they do on you at the GI? I don't want a colonoscopy !! I've had eczema all my life and I'm wondering if I was misdiagnosed and i have had this desease all my life? I always thought it was weird that I never grew out of it as a kid... I don't want to eat something that will harm me????
  14. I have been having problems with my right eye and it has been flacky and irritated and red for almost a year now. I decided to go to the allergist and he did a very thorough allergy teston me and to our surprise I tested a 5 on wheat. I was also allergic to many other thengs as well. I am a very healthy person and I can't believe that he thinks I may have Celiacs desease. When I took wheat out of my diet (for 10 days) I still had an itchy rash but my bowels moved so good...I lost like almost ten pounds and had more energy and my eye was looking better. When I re-introduced wheat back in my diets my diet I gained the weight that was lost within 2-3 days. I don't eat a lot and it didn't make since at all! When I told my doc about the results he said that I may have Celiacs desease or eosinophilic gastroenteritis ( a rare whitle blood cell desease that has to do with the stomach, small and lasrge intestine). When I looked up Celiacs desease I really don't have a lot of the symtoms b/c I have constipation and weight gain...whereas most peopple have weight loss and diarrhea. My grandfather died a year ago and I went into a major depression (im better now;) but that was wehn I started having problems with my eye and my weight went from 150 to 163 and I do all the same stuff as I always have. I can't seem to lose weight and I didn't understand why b/c I was monitoring my calories and exerciseing but it never came off. Now with this possible diag I feel better that the weight me not have been my fault. My question is I'm curious to know if anyone has had a similiar experience with celiac...as far as not having the typical symtoms and the loss maybe triggering the desease? Thanks for taking time to read my story!!!
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