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  1. I have struggled with stomach issues all my life. Anything I would eat or drink would send me running to the bathroom before I could complete it. Someone suggested to me to try gluten free for about 2 weeks to see what happens. I noticed right away-I could eat and not worry about stomach pain or running to the bathroom. I actually feel "normal". It's been 6 days-I don't crave any particular food like I thought I would and I "go" maybe once a day versus up to 5 times or more a dayand I can actually eat and drink without worry. Now I have dry mouth? As I started to look into the gluetn diet, I noticed the amount of sugar and carbs I am taking in and I've read some people lose weight and some gain. What else should I expect or should I just end it after the 2 weeks. I have lived with my stomach issues for more than 30 years. Would starting to eat gluten free now actually cure me and make me healthier? Thanks!
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