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  1. Hello, I've had the same problem as you for a long time also, although, it is not an infection (as tests have confirmed) but just "normal" discharge. (I, however, DO NOT feel normal, it is excessive, and depressing!) I am scheduled to have a biopsy done on June 19, to confirm Celiac. Could you please tell me any info you have regarding the discharge and Celiac being related? Much

  2. Hi Everybody, I decided to write what I am going through after seeing how much it can be helpful hearing other people 's thoughts.. I am frustrated like many others and want to tell you what I've been going through; Everything started almost like around 3 years ago. I was having some discharge problem w/ a terrible odor which means an infection...and I decided to go to a gynecologist to figure out what it was. Two different doctors wasted my one year without finding out what it is and sent me to a very well known gynecologist. So this new doctor examined me and she knew smt was wrong w/ nutrients and found out that I have D vitamin deffiency. I started taking high dozages of D vitamins and she wasn't really sure what caused it. Discharge was still there. She was doing all kinds of blood tests every 2 months. Then after a year my A vitamin came out low. That's when she said I have the celiac disease. I started to read about what it is .All I can say ,I feel like smt is wrong with me overall, but I am having a hard time locating it besides my discharge. I decided to get another opinion who is from a celiac disease center, another well known doctor. She ran some tests and found out I have the genes and then she did a bowel X -ray and biopsy. She found out I have a pylori gastritis not celiac. I was very happy and went to my gynecologist . But she was still very confident that I have this. She said it is because I was getting a lot of D vitamins all past 1 year , it made the tests come out negative. She does not trust the celiac tests.. I am stucked with a discharge and 2 very well known good doctors with different opinions. Is anyone heard of it or have a discharge problem with celiac disease? Thank you so much for any replys in advance..
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