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  1. I've been trying so hard to stay gluten (and corn) free and have been mostly successful over the past few weeks, but I'm still losing weight. I understand that it can take a while, but I'm eating as much as I can and still the scale goes backwards. I have a few of questions: 1. How much of a setback does an accidental glutening cause? Do the villi go completely flat again immediately or does it take time and sustained glutening before you redamage them as severely as you did before you knew what was happening? 2. Is there and drug or herb that will speed up the villi healing process? 3. Is it easier for flattened villi to extract nutrients from liquids or solids, or does it not make a difference? Any specific foods whose nutrients are easier for sick villi to absorb? Thank you, Richard
  2. >>organic gluten-free yogurt Sounds good - what brand do you buy? Thanks, Richard
  3. Hey that's GREAT Susan. Thanks alot. Exactly what I was looking for. Regards, Richard
  4. >>I agree with what others have posted. What? - that women suffer more disabling conditions because they do most of the housework, or that beer causes Parkinson's? Seriously though - although I'd like to believe I don't have Parkinson's and this has all been a big 15-year mistake are micrography, freezing, lack of dopamine also symptoms of Lyme? Regards, Richard
  5. What software does everyone use to record what you've eaten and daily wellness? I've been trying to use Windows Calendar, but find it quuite cumbersome. Thanks, Richard
  6. The way they arrive at a Parkinson's diagnosis is to perform several different tests to rule out other possibilities - MRI to rule out brain tumour, eye test to rule out Huntingtons, blood tests to rule out other things (like Lyme?) , etc., etc. and after they've ruled out everything else, the conclusive confirming test is to gauge your response to Sinemet, which is the medication used to replace the missing chemical called dopamine that your brain is no longer producing enough of. If most or all of your symptoms improve or disappear with the introduction of Sinemet - in my case abnormal gait, freezing, small hand writing, slowness of movement, tremors ... then they know it's PD. All of my symptoms all but completely disappeared when I first started on the Sinemet almost 15 years ago. The honeymoon lasted about 6-7 years, but as the disease has progressed so have the symptoms. I know nothing about Lyme Disease, but will ask how that was ruled out at my next appointment. As far as the DBS (Deep Brain Stimulation) surgery goes... they only consider you for this if all other avenues of therapy have been exhausted. In the last few years I have progressed to the point where I (and they) had felt that this was my only hope of restoring a lot of my lost functionality ... until recently that is... I'm onto something with this Celiac thing, and I'm very excited. It's taken me 15 years to figure out, but it's been a revelation discovery for me so far (even though my doctors don't believe it) . I've got my fingers crossed. Regards, Richard
  7. I was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease almost 15 years ago at the ripe old age of 28. I'm beginning to think that the vast majority of my complications have been because of Celiac Disease rather than the progression of my PD. I'm even beginning to wonder if maybe that's what caused my Parkinson's disease in the first place! I'm only beginning to figure this gluten thing out, but the more I read about Celiac Disease and gluten intolerance the more pieces of the puzzle I am discovering. Re MSG - I'm exactly the same! It's absolute poison to me. Even the slightest trace amount sends me into a wild and uncontrollable shaking attack. I've been telling my neurologists about this for years, but they've never been able to explain the reason. Here's an excerpt from a recent letter I sent to my neurologist: "The link between what I eat and the severity of my Parkinson
  8. Thanks a lot Valda, et al... Thanks to this thread I think I've finally solved my 'butter' dilemma, that is finding a replacement without dairy, gluten or corn: Coconut Butter, made by Artisana! It's got the texture and consistency of butter and it tastes amazng! It's the best thing since sliced Food For Life Wheat and Gluten Free Rice Almond Bread! Ha! Best of all - no red spots on my legs either! I was afraid I might be allergic to coconuts as well because I develop DH when I use coconut cream from the can (must have been the "Potassium Meta Bisulfide E-224"), but not with this stuff (coconut butter). The coconut butter I bought is made by Artisana: "Raw Organic Coconut Butter", Contains absolutely No Peanuts, Glutens, or Dairy. My mission today is to find Pacific brand milk replacement and those Diestel frozen turkey sausages someone mentioned. This Forum has been a Godsend for me, not just for the tips, suggestions and recommendations, but especially for the understanding and compassion. Thank you so much everyone. Regards, Richard
  9. Coconut oil - you mean for cooking instead of olive oil, or as a dressing? Where do you buy it? I'm also looking for a good butter replacement for toast, but it can't contain any dairy, lactose or corn. Is there a coconut version? Regards, Richard
  10. Coconut flour, never thought of that. Thanks Nancy. Regars, Richard
  11. How do you make it? Blender or food processer (or juicer?)? Do you have a recipe for me to try? Thanks, Richar
  12. Thanks a bunch RiceGuy! I'll give some of those a try. Regards, Richard
  13. Thank you for all of your feedback. Not sure if you're in the States, Judy, but here in Canada the ingredient list on the side of the package reads a little differently: Vanilla Almond Breeze PURIFIED WATER, EVAPORATED CANE JUICE, ALMONDS, TRICALCIUM PHOSPHATE, NATURAL VANILLA FLAVOR WITH OTHER NATURAL FLAVORS, SEA SALT, POTASSIUM CITRATE, CARRAGEENAN AND SOY LECITHIN I suspect it might be the carrageenan as Mango has suggested. Whenever I've had a problem with dairy: cream and cheeze specifically, that ingredient always seems to be there. Maybe this is why I'm ok with eggs. Maybe it's not a dairy thing, but a carageenan thing. Thanks, Richard
  14. Hi All, I react the same to corn products as I do to glutens thus corn starch, corn oil, corn syrup are out. Tomatoes are sometimes a problem so I'm also avoiding nightshades at least until the damage done to my villi/digestion, etc has had a chance to repair itself. I also have a problem with cream and cheeses. I'm not sure if it's the lactose or something else like carageean (sp?), but I think I should stay away from dairy, again at least until things heal. I seem to be ok with eggs, but I'm afraid to worsen the damage. Shrimp makes my dermititis herpetiform flare up. Should I rule out salmon and tuna as well? The problem is that with all of these restrictions I don't know what to eat any more. I desperately want to put some weight back on, but you can only have rice, chicken and vegetables so many times a day and so far it's not helping me gain weight. For breakfast I have gluten free almond bread with honey and gluten free almond bread with honey, and sometimes gluten..... you get the idea. This morning my wife made me rice with coconut mike and yam which was yummy and felt like it had a lot of substance to it. Hopefully I react well to it - I could see it becoming a staple. Any meal ideas for me? ... specifically breakfast, or any suggestions to help me put weight back on with consideration of all the restrictions above? Thanks, Richard Markham, Ontario, Canada
  15. Yes, fine. All except corn oil that is. Regards, Richard
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