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  1. I just ordered Sensa, the sprinkle on weight loss product, it says it is gluten free, i was wondering if anyone else has tried it?
  2. Gluten is a POISON!

  3. When i was first diagnosed with Celiac, i was told by the gastros assistant of my disease, she was explaining to me exactly what it was, and how it was going to change my life, and she then she went on to say "you can't eat wheat anymore, but it's not that bad, you can still eat potato bread". Well i went grocery shopping all excited thinking hey i like potato bread i picked up a loaf and read the ingrediants, i was shocked to see wheat! I can't believe a medical professional actually told me i could have potato bread!!
  4. I have had 2 saliva gland infections, not sure what caused them, but they sure are painful, i took Keflex and they went away. I heard a report on tv lately that said if you take an acid reflux med daily for at least one year you are prone to get more infections, and i have been on Prilosec now for 4 yrs, since my celiac diagnosis. I have had a few infections in the past yr, the saliva gland, and my armpit gland was infected, so I tried to cut back on the Prilosec usage to see if that helps any with the odd infections i've been getting, i try to take only 2 per week now, when i really need it. I am hoping this will stop all the weird infections i get, no one else i know has ever had these infections, time will tell.
  5. I had H-pylori 4 yrs ago, i am allergic to penicillin, so my dr gave me a combination of different antibiotics to get rid of it. It was a grueling time taking all those pills for 2 weeks, but it was well worth it. I personally only had a yeast infection from the treatment. I was told once you have H-pylori and treat it you can never get it again, so that's a good thing. I found out i had Celiac disease about 3 weeks after I had H-pylori.
  6. Being tired all the time was my first sympton of having Celiac disease, this was 4 years ago, i took iron supplements. My iron count returned to normal after eating gluten free and taking iron. So now it's 4 years later and i was having heart palpitations so i went to have it checked. I found out i was anemic AGAIN..that was causing the palpitations, so at the present time I am taking iron and my palpitations stopped. I think i will have iron issues forever, regardless of eating gluten free or not, it's very frustrating. I think it's important if you have Celiac disease to check your vitamin levels on a regular basis.
  7. I use Hungry Jack instant potatoes, to me they are the best.
  8. I drink a cup of Swiss Miss with marshmellows every day, there isn't any gluten listed, it's safe to drink.
  9. Yes I have been glutened twice by Amys frozen dinners, It's a shame because they are something quick and tasty to eat. I am not buying them anymore.
  10. Jimmy dean makes yummy breakfast bowls and entrees, most are gluten free, just read the ingrediants. Also Aunt Jemima makes frozen breakfasts too, takes 3 mins in the microwave. I eat them all the time, fast easy and delicious.
  11. I drink G2 all the time, never had ANY reactions whatsoever, and i am a very sensitive Celiac.
  12. Are you kidding me???? I would never knowingly put anything in my mouth that had gluten in it. I can't understand why in the world you would even consider doing that. I think of gluten as poison, because that is exactly what it is POISON. There are so many good foods that we can eat, I don't even miss the gluten filled food. You really need to realize that food just isn't worth losing your health for. When you have celiac disease there is no such thing as a cheat day!
  13. From the moment i was told i had Celiac disease, i never put another crumb of gluten in my mouth. I look at it this way, gluten is POISON to my body, how can anyone knowingly eat poison? This is how i can remain gluten free. I find substitutes for the food that i used to love, if you do that it is easier for you. My husband eats pizza in front of me, but i have my gluten free pizza at the same time. I find the longer i have been eating gluten free the easier it becomes. You need to look at gluten as poison, because it is!
  14. I have been eating Jimmy Deans breakfast bowls and the entrees forever now, and i have never had any reaction at all. It must have been something else you ate.
  15. I was just in the hospital a month ago, I told my nurse i had celiac disease she said..."what's that"..i about fainted. I explained it to her the easiest possible way. My doctor had me on the burn unit floor for better one on one care, and my nurse said, " this is the burn unit, we take care of burn patients not celiac patients" good thing i was in pain or i would have laughed! She STILL didn't understand. In that hospital you call and tell them what you want it's like restaurant style, there were so few choices that i could eat, it was unreal. I ate a hamburger patty, fruit, scrambled eggs, grilled chicken and vegetables, cottage cheese, sherbert, jello of course (ick), and that was about all i could possibly eat. I was terrified to eat the food, and it shouldn't be that way. Is anyone else terrified of the future? I wonder what will happen if i am ever put in a nursing home or something, how is that going to be?? Will there be someone who actually cares and watches out for cross contamination? I keep thinking about this and it sure does make me wonder. Next time i am in the hospital i will think of taking my own food.
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