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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. My DD, Ali, was diagnosed with celiac a couple of months ago and has been gluten-free and casein free since. She does fine at home, but if we leave the house to go ANYWHERE she manages to get sick!! I would think that if it was from something around the house (soaps, detergent, shampoo) it would be everyday. The church nursery is the absolute worst. The poor kid is sick every Monday and every Thursday! We've had the carpets shampooed, replaced all of the kids' snacks, washed all the toys...she still manages to get sick like she's been "glutened". I can't go to the grocery store. I can't go shopping. We feel totally trapped in the house!! Is there any hope that she'll be less sensitive over time? Will her little system heal and get stronger? Or will she likely be this sensitive for life? If anyone has any suggestions I'd love to hear them. Thanks! Stephanie
  3. If anyone has any recommendations for a pedi GI in or around Omaha, Nebraska I'd be so thankful! We saw a new doc in town yesterday and he was AWEFUL! I figured if he was at Children's Hopsital he'd have to at least be willing to listen, but boy was I wrong.
  4. Thank you so much for all of your help! It does help to hear from other parents who have waded through these waters before. I think we decided we're not going to change anything until we talk with her regular pediatrician and get a second opinion. We'll see what happens from there. At any rate we will most certainly wait until we're back from vacation until we start to change anything. Thanks again! Stephanie
  5. Is there really a difference between a wheat allergy, gluten allergy/intollerance and Celiac Disease? My husband and I have been talking about what we want to do about Ali and we're thinking maybe she has an allergy and not truly Celiac. Thoughts?
  6. Well, today was a very frustrating day...I took Allison to the Children's Hospital in Omaha today and I feel like we're back to square one. He said he doesn't think that Ali has Celiac (only based on the fact that her blood work wasn't positive). He tried to tell me that he thinks she's just small and that she's totally fine. So, now we've got the diagnosis of "Toddler's Diarrhea" which to me seems like a total crock! (Sorry if that's vulgar, but I'm so steamed right now!) As for a diet...he wants her back on gluten and told me that I'm doing damage to her by removing gluten from her diet and that she's lacking nutritionally. WHAT?!?! What is she lacking? If you know...please tell me! He told me to keep her off dairy and now off of ALL fruits, juices and any form of sugar for two weeks. I can then add back the fruits, but keep her off of dairy. Ugh. Then I'm supposed to bring Ali back to see him in two months and have her weighed and measured to see if she's been growing at all. At that point he said he consider running another blood pannel if she's back to having chronic diarrhea and rashes. But, he's "certain" that's not what this is. How is he so certain? My sister and neice both have Celiac and I have some sort of allergy or intollerance to gluten. But, if mister doctor man says he sooooo certain...ARGHGGH!! ARHGHGHGH!! Now what?! She's been GREAT since I took her off all dairy and gluten! I'm supposed to leave on Friday to go visit family in Minnesota for two weeks and I really don't want to change her diet and then take her away from home and her usual pediatrician. Do you think it would be ok to wait to change her diet until after we get back? I'm going to call her doc in the morning and see if I can get her thoughts. She's been so supportive of all of this so now I'm totally confused. If you can add any thoughts or share any experiences I'd be so grateful!
  7. My daughter is a suspected Celiac and now possibly has dairy/casein issues, too. Can anyone help give ideas for snacks and meals? It seems like everything gluten-free that I had found for her that she'd actually eat isn't CF. Please help!! We're going to see a nutritionist next week, but I just want to be sure she's getting what she needs. She's so tiny and lost weight again this last week!
  8. I can't figure out what's going on! It seems like Ali's symptoms are back, although not nearly to the full extent that they were before the gluten-free diet. I can get the rash to go away with some hydrocortisone cream, but it comes right back as soon as she poos again. When they have multiple sensitivies are the symptoms similar? Her pediatrician won't test her for anything else until we can get her in to see the pedi GI, but the appt we have isn't until September. She's trying to get her in sooner, but we'll see...until then do I just keep dealing with this? I really don't want to go the route of an illimation diet, but I may have to. Oh, how long after eating something they shouldn't do your kids end up with symptoms?
  9. Yeah!! Ali is growing!! She went in for a check-up a few days ago and gained 10 ounces in two weeks since being gluten-free...here's the really exciting thing...she woke up this morning with three new teeth!! She had a new one earlier in the week, too...so, that makes four teeth in a week! She's miserable and cranky, but she's proud owner of four brand spankin' new teeth. Awesome! Ali has been so behind in weight (she's now up to 20lbs 3oz at about 18 months) and had only 7 teeth until this week. Her hair was so fine and limp and barely there...now it's getting pretty long and full in the back. I'm just so excited that she's feeling so much better and we've begun to finally tackle all of this head-on. It's been so exciting to see her change over the past couple of weeks. She's happier, healthier and is just taking off like a little weed!
  10. Ok, so we've been going through all of the testing and struggles with trying to get a diagnosis for our 17 month old daughter. She's had blood work done, but it was inconclusive. We're now waiting for our appointment with the pedi GI in September to find out more. In the meantime our pediatrician recommended that we try the gluten-free diet and have had MAJOR improvements in all of her symptoms!! We're not great yet, but it's getting better a little at a time. I know the disease is genetic...my sister and niece are both Celiacs. I'm now beginning to wonder if I don't have it, too. I've never had the same symptoms as my daughter, sister or niece...but I feel aweful!! I'm a stay-at-home mom and have been eating, well, I guess I'll call it gluten-light since we switched Ali's diet about two weeks ago. Since it's just easier to make one meal for both of us I've cut down a ton! For all of my life I've swung pretty wildly from the big C to the big D at the drop of a hat. I always thought it was just my system and was pretty normal. That seems to have eased up some recently...hmm... I've had more energy and just felt sharper mentally. Well, I had gone about four days without ANY gluten and then decided to have a peanut butter sandwich yesterday with Jiff and put it on regular whole wheat bread. Almost instantly I felt nauseated and today I have a killer headache! I'm still feeling really sick to my stomach, too. I also am SOOOO tired! I feel like I've been run over. No one else in the house is sick, so I'm doubting that I have a bug of any kind. But, I suppose that's always possible. And the fatigue could always be explained by my new baby and the fact that I was up four times last night with him. Do you think I have a more mild form of the disease? Or that my symptoms are just different? Would it be a good idea for me to be tested just to know? I'm so confused.
  11. I'm with you!! It seems our kids are nearly identical. Allison hasn't gaine any weight in the past three months! She's almost 18 months and is still just 19lbs. Her blood test was also inconclusive, but we're assuming it's positive based on a family history of Celiac. We can't get in to see the pedi GI until the end of September, so we started the gluten-free diet as suggested by her pediatrician. She goes in for a check up on Wednesday...I'm curious to see if she's gained any weight!! Her 8 wk old younger brother is already over 13 pounds!
  12. I'm really confused and new to all of this. I really hope someone can help me! My 17 month old daughter was recently given a blood planel to test for Celiac due to severe GI symptoms for the past 6 months and contact dermititis on her face and bum. After seeing just about every pediatrician at our local clinic and being told five different possible causes (none of which seemed to be working) I requested that a blood test be done. (My sister and niece are both Celiacs.) Well, the head of the clinic called me with the results and said they were inconclusive. She admitted that she really doesn't know much about the disease, but said that she would still give the diagnosis of Celiac and recommended a gluten-free diet due to the inconclusive blood test and GI symptoms. She said that Ali's lab values were a 23 and that normal was 24-101. So, she was only slightly deficient. Deficient in what?!? What values was she referring to?!? She was talking so fast and just said to follow up with Ali's regular pediatrician this week. We also were referred to a pedi GI, but can't have her seen until September. HELP!!! I'm so totally confused and frustrated with all of this. The diet does seem to be helping, but it's only been 10 days. She still has her good days and her bad days, but I'm seeing a steady improvement. I'm fairly confident that Ali does have Celiac given the family history. I just want more info and to talk to a doctor who knows what's going on! Thanks folks! I appreciate the shoulders to lean on through all of this.
  13. Yes! I felt like I'd go through about a dozen wipes sometimes. The poor child was so tortured by the painful diaper changes that she won't go anywhere near her changing table. We have to change her on the floor. Poor kid! But, since being gluten-free her poos are much better. No more sandy appearnace, but they are still a little pale in color. We'll see how it goes.
  14. I got the call from the clinic this morning with my daughter's lab work. They said the normal range for IgA is 24-100 and that her value was 23. They said the test was inconclusive, but we're going to assume it's possitive. HELP!! What does that mean?!?! The woman was very quick and said she'd request a pedi GI consult and to follow up with Ali's regular pediatrician next week. I'm totally confused now!
  15. Wow! I didn't realize that was normal for our little ones. Or at least part of the disease rather than normal. My daughter's poo has always been that way, too! I'm glad I'm not alone on that one.
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