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  1. I wanted to let everyone that is looking for a quick and hearty beef stew in a can that Castleberry's Beef Stew is gluten free. I called the company this morning and the modified...
  2. I wrote to Blue Diamond Almonds to find out which products are gluten free. The response is below. I am so excited that the smokehouse are gluten free. Happy Days!! Dear Emily...
  3. I was thinking that I was just paying for that damn cookie!! I know-it really is not worth it. Thanks for your advice. I am so scared of the refractory sprue that I have nightmares...
  4. I have been gluten-free for 6 months now with minimal cheating. I have actually only "cheated" in the last few weeks. And when I say cheating, I mean a small cookie or a bite or...
  5. where did you find gluten-free list? i called and they told me that ingredients were gluten free
  6. Thanks for the info Shirley. I feel much better now.
  7. Dana, Had one last night with the secret sauce and did not have a reaction-YET. I love In-N-Out, tastes fresh and makes me feel like I am eating "real" food. But, when I called...
  8. Thank you everyone for all your help. I am purchasing some coconut oil tonight-hope it works. I am so happy there is a place where I can go for help with people who actually experience...
  9. I was told that protein style burgers at In-N-Out are gluten free. I had one last night and have not had a reaction or anything. Was wondering if anyone knows if the secret sauce...
  10. Does anyone else seem to be bothered by peanut butter? Are all brands gluten free? I seem to get a stomach ache after I eat peanut butter.
  11. My optimum is 140. I need a menu plan or something so that I will eat. FOOD is my enemy.
  12. FYI- I am 5'8'' and around 130.
  13. You always seem so helpful. On an average day, I eat an apple for breakfast, lunch-I will have some gluten free waffles or Mrs. Leepers pasta, dinner-maybe rice and some type of...
  14. Can anyone Help? Been on gluten-free diet for about 1 month and a half; maybe 2 months-why am I still losing weight? I don't understand. Should I be concerned???? HELP.
  15. Thinking I may have od'd on fruit-ate about 2 bananas, apple, applesauce, so on... Kind of get caught up in the sweetness of the fruit. thanks for help with everything. emily
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