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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. mmmh, honestly I do believe that she has a form of Dermatitis herpetiformis rather then what he diagnosed her! While DH rarely starts under the age of 20 , it is possible that children develope it, where as in the perioral dermatitis is generally something that hits adult women! My guess is, sice the two rashes look similar and symptoms as well that she rather has HD than PD. Make sure all her creams are glutenfree, often its an glutenous ingredient that sets it off! Once your daughter has been glutenfree for a good long while, at least 6 month- and her intestines have pretty good recouperated, she'll probably less sensitive to reacting with the skin. eitherway it is a good idea to generally use only glutenfree lotions, creams and toothpastes for her! for example oatmealcreams and bathfoams ect. are a NO! while other people feel better with a good oatmealbath when they have a rash, she'll possibly feel a million times worse! http://www.naturesgold.com.au/eczema-dermatitis Big hugs, Celiac sucks!!!!!
  3. Why take him off now and then get him sick again? Baasic bloodstest for Celiac involve a genetest anyway, the common Genes linked to Celiac s are DQ2 and DQ8, for that neither your husband nor your son need to be on gluten at all since the genes are not influenced by what you eat. My little daughter never had the scoping, because I'd taken her off the gluten, she was off for a good wekk when the doc told me that I would have to put her back on it for 3 month!!!!!! before he'd do a scope on her. I think he could have still done it since damage doesn't heal THAT fast (it took my daugher 6 month before she started tolerating all kinds of others foods again, it took that long ofr her to heal)- but I wans't smart aobut it back then! Eitherway, she had so many signs pointing to Celiacs, even her teeth when they came out looked like glass like they often do in infants if they have celiacs (later on often yellow ect.), her antibodytest in Stool with EnteroLab showed less then 10 is negative, she had more then 69 Units of antibodys and was officially labeled as Glutensensitive (only a scope would get her an official diagnosis, the way of treatment is the same though- Off of gluten life long- so it didn't matter). shes dong great on glutenfree, if she for some reason gets glutened, other places outside the home it still can happen no matter how carefull, I know because aobut a day or so after she gets yellow, slimey , VERY stinky poo and foul gas, not to mention the discomfort she gets and bad mood!
  4. I forgot, as to your question / homeremedies for tummypain! My Baby daughter a Celiac too, whomn I nuirsed for full 14 month, always got a tummy ache too when I ate ANYTHING with Milk. Milk, icecream, joghurt, Cheese- omg, she'd get tummyaches! It's very common for celiacs to NOT tolerate anything dairy until many month ini to the glutenfree diet! A foodintolerance has NOTHING to do with Allergies, so it doesn't matter what the bloodtest said about alleries! You have to eliminate cvertain things for at least a week. Just like Celiac desease, my duaghter has several allergies against foods and things, the one thing she is not the least bit allergic to , not even a weeny bit is Wheat. And still this is what makes her most sick, so forget aobut the Allergytest, take any dairy out of your diet even traces and see how he does! I remember at one times my daughter all of the sudden having crazy tummyaches again, I was sure I had not had anything dairy and nothing wheat. Well, come to think of it I had to Hershey kisses, the Valentinesday ones, which do contain MILK... that'as what I meant be as maticilus with the dairy stuff for a while as you are with the glutenfree! the mother consuming dairy even in small amounts is the tummyache causer NUMBER 1 in breastfed children! As medicinewise! Leave out the Mylanta or what ever you mihgt use for gassines and what not that's out there for gas, with my duaghter and my son both I found that it actually made them constipated and just increased the gassines and tummyaches! what my daughter helped quite a lot was the "Tummy Soother" by Gentle Naturals! It's an homeopathic remedy. You'll find it at Walgreens for example in the Babysection, it comes in a mintgreen box, it usually has Baby Poo baer and baby tigger and or baby eeyore on it- it contains ginger and chamomille. I love that stuff, it helped me over the worsed tummyachetime during the times we tried to find out about her beeing Celiac or not! I don't think he manipulates you not in a way you'd see it! Yes, of course you are smarter then a 2 yr. old, but the little ones do have a extrem fine antenna in feeling what gets stuff done and rthey know how to work it intuitively! I still stand by my opinion that I thinkit is time for you to wean him off or at least drastically reduce it! Yes, it comforts him and I admire that you can deal with nursing every single hour at his age- day and night! but read what you originally wrote and it does read to anybody here like it is starting to wear on you and also you so want to get pregnant but with the ammount of nursing you do there is not really a big chance of you ovulating anytime soon! As for the tummyaches, if he's not already then you need to get him in care of a pediatric GI, only he will be albe to help you really! good luck to you and head up! I was never for "letting my children cry either" adn they did wake up 12 and 15 times per night, not to nurse but because something disrupted her sleep! My son had night seizures, and my daughters brain used to get messed up with gluten and then her sleep is messed up beyond anything! I NEVER listenend to anybody who said let them cry it out, and I had a lot fo fights with my husband aobut it too! go with your feelings, I always knew there was a reason as to why their sleep was as bad as it was and I got to the bottom of it!
  5. You mihgt not like to hear it but YOU are going to have to wean him off! I'm in favor of nursing as long as possible, nursed both my kids each 14 month and then weaned them. At the age of 2 is NOTHING left for your son, sure it adjust to the child the milk does but it has it's limits! You would have to eat accordingly as well to be able to give him the fat and vitamins and nutriens he needs. As long as he has your boobs he won't be taking much else, it is so convinient and it is one on one time. some kids will never wena unless the mother takes it in her hands. Rest assured that you gave him all he needed, now there is nothing left. To him the boobs are still his main foodsource while it can marely now serve him as a quick drink. You will see if you wean him off slowly he will turn more and more to other foodsources and turn slowly but very surely in to a happy child who doesn't feel like it's starving all of the time! YOU need to take it into your hands, and yes it is way abnormal for him to nurse every hour, but it's because he's too old now your milk has not much to offer anymore! and with the ammounts you are nursing you put yourself actually on a very effective birthcontroll! Yes, I do know that one can get pregnant while nursing, but with the ammount your son needs and as often as he needs them yourbody gets flooded with hormones, your body actually thinks it has a brandnew newborn to take care of adn refuses to ovulate because it knows that there is no way it couldpossibly feed another "baby" without starving you while ion a full belly of food! Wean him off and I promise botht he winy. clingy child will dissapear, a fun little guy getting more and more independant will appear and you will start ovulating and having periods again! As of right now, your body CAN'T give anymore and it won't until you wean!
  6. The Docs don't like it when Patients already come with their own diagnosis! go see the GI, talk to him aobut all the issues your son has and just SAY that Celiac runs in your family and if he could test your son for it to rule it out, don't tell him aobut the EnteroLab results!
  7. Well, getting glutenend, may it be through a kiss or whatever is extremely hard on your body and the immunesystem. Specially after you've been glutenfree, you get more sensitive even to it because your body realizes that it felt good for the first time after not haviong gluten in it and now it won't even except tiny bits. Many people report a way lower tolerance to it after they went glutenfree. the kissing-part remined me of what shocked me when I read more aobut Celiac for my daughter. It siadf int he book that she'll have to ask her boyfriends later to brush their teeth first before kissing or she might get sick. May it be that the boyfriend had rootbeer before or he had a bagel that morning, things to get stuck between the teeth and for you it only takes traces! adn yesm, agasin you do get more sensitive, and yes I'm sure your crosscontaminations got you more vulneralbe and got you sick. for example! My little daughter, she is 17 month old, she's the celiac! We had her tested for foodallergies, she was mildly allergic to Milk and soy. not enough though that it would make her sick and the allergist said it's safe to give her those things if she tolerates them well. After many month of being off of gluten and her intestines healing, she did tolerate those awesome. then one day, she got accidentally glutened, drinking out of my sons Zippycup after he had 6 grainbread, my husband didn't pay attetnion. for 4 days, she'd brake out in "walking" hives(I call them that way because you'd see them popping up, vanishing and pop up some other bodypart) all over her body when ever she had anything with milk, soy or went out in to the sun. Besides not sleeping well at all because that what glutenend does to her brain, it messes with her sleep and with her stomach, she got itchy all over as well. As you can see, if your immunesystem gets ticked off it gets ticked off. I hope you feel better! Try drinking lots of Cranberry-Juice, I'm not sure if that falls under Citrus-issues you have, but Cranberryjuice is good with bladderinfections, you can get capsules as well!
  8. They are suckers- lollypops! Na, I don't thi9nk either that that would be in there!
  9. Does anyone know if Runny Rhino Cold Relief Pops are glutenfree? It does not say anything on the package nor on their website, I'm a bit scared about the natural flavor part! I got a killer flu and am afraid my littleone will catch it too since she's already caughing a bit. I called the company but they are not there anymore! anyone that can give me a answer tonight? Have you had those before? Update 04/03/08: I called the Manufaturer- Improvita Health today- the runny Rhino Cold Relief Pops ARE glutenfree!
  10. Red Ears

    Wow, good to know! Celiac is though not an Allergic reaction, it's an autoimmuneresponse, it could be however that he does have real allergies and that would explain of coure the red ears. Often cause of red ears is a constant low grade inflammation due to allergies! Is he gonna be really tested for celiac, it can never hurt!
  11. Is it any better now? this post is almost a month old! I remember my daughter back then beeing 12 month old getting very clingy for aobut a month or so! since I was still breastfeeeding her until she was 14 month old, I had to cut oput gluten too and let me tell you, you do go through some type of withdrawal and it does not feel good. You feel constantly like you are starving, your mood fluctuates and so on. I feel for anybody who goes through it and feels it so bad, it's tough! It wikllg et better thoguh!
  12. Exactly! I'm totally with her! You have a parental right and that includes that your child gets a good education in a safe enviroment. It is rediciulus that you cannot provide your own meals for her! My son is speechdelayed as well, he has an IEP and he 's been in a special Preschoolprogramm 4 times a week for 3 hours since he was almost 3. thsi summer he will graduate into Kindergarde, again with an new IEP. Special needs kids do have special needs and if a school offers programs for those kids they have to accomodate. Nobody aks them to accomodate her diet but to let you send your own stuff and them keep an eye on it! The 8 yr. old of my best friend, he's deadly allergic to even traces of peanuts. He brings his own foods too and on tuesday's where they used to have peanutbutter-sandwiches for all the kids as lunches, he sat separate and so on. Hear, hear, this year they do not have Peanutbuttersandwiches on their plan naymore........... As Momof3boys said, dopn't let them push you around. they HAVE to accomodate your daughter in one or the other way by federal law. Get yourself very well educated, get printouts aobut the law, get a not from the Doctor and so on. Fight for your daughters right! since your daughter is pseechdelayed AND has these dietary restricitions she has the right to an IEP, basically a contract where you guys with the teachers, schoolnurse and so on put down the goals for your daughter, as qwell as the restrictions she has, and that incldues food! If they don' t keep their part of the contract, and she gets repeadetly sick because they don't watch her, they get in big trouble if you blow the wistle! Talk to ECI (my son used to be with them as well startting 15 month old) and how to psuh for an IEP. Them are usually setting up the meetings and everything that leads up to one. also aks them if they have anything talking about parentlal, law, if they know any websites where you can get yourself smart and credible info! Good luck!
  13. The severe damage that occured to his small intestines,which caused him to have stunt growth low weight and so on, due to nutritions not getting through. takes time to heal. It takes up to a year even for it to heal depending on how severe the damage was! 5 month in his case how sick he was is not really a long time and he will catch up, just give him time! He did gain weight and he did grow, for a body thart is still healing this is a huge accomplishement in 5 month. Really! Overall in general most that had bad damage like that it takes them a year to feel great sometimes even longer. Overall it's said it can take up to 5 years to have the maximum Benefits fo the glutenfree diet- I do however believe that this is more tailored to Adults then kids. I gues it'll be aobut ayear before you see really big results, he's still so young~! Good luck!
  14. Bloodtests are supposedly notoriously inaccurate! that;'s why even to this day, Goldstandard for Celiac is the Biopsie which he would be knocked out for! ASince he ahs been off of gluten for 4 weeks laready it is questionable that the PDI would still do it without him beeing back on gluten for a good while. Our PDI refused to make the scope since she was already 2 weeks off of the gluten, he wanted her back on it for 2 month!!!!!! before he'd do it. We tried for 3 weeks but then gave up tbecause our daughter suffered too much! We know in our hearts she is a picturebook celiac, she just doesn't have the scope. He at least gave as a note for school that she is highly glutensensitive and is not allowed to get any under any circumstances. At least we have that because Celiac or Glutensensitive, the course of Treatment is the same. Never again eat gluten! Even as a glutensensitive you CAN turn Celiac someday. Your sones bloodwork is positive, I can see that, that in combination with those amazing results you saw on the glutenfree diet speaks for itself!!!!!! We do have a bunch of people here, that do neither hacve the Celiac-Genes NOR do they have a positive biopsy OR positive bloodwork in any way but still, their response to glutenfree is amazing and that is proof enough! Testws cannot show everything now a days, specially in this chapter! If you want to, you can try EnteroLab.com. A Lab that is privately used by many here when their doc did not want to go further in testing or thei wanted additional proof. My son has been tested by blood twoo years ago almost for the Tissuetransglutaminase, his genes where tested last year and he's got one of the two major Celiac-Genes, the DQ2. The Doc refused to test further, now I had him tested through enteroLab again, I did the Stool Tissuetransglutaminase test and he turned up positive. Normal isa reading there fo less then 10 units, he had 45- so he's clearly glutensensitive. Schoolbreask fo 10 weeks is coming up and that's when I will ruyn a strikt glutenfree trial to see how he does on it. right now I cannot be sure that he won't get anything at school and results may be hazy. so I'll wait for Summerbreak and then see, if we do good I will make the house completely glutenfree since his little sister is a celiac anyway! Any way, if you have doubts or want to be sure, do private testing with EnteroLab. The Stooltests are still accurate even though you are off of gluten/your son. It is so easy! I even ordered another test on a stoolspecimen I sent in in October from my daughter (they keep it for 6 month if further testing should be needed), I'm glad they still ghave it because this stool is from when she was still weaned off of gluten! I"m curious to see what her tissuetransglutaminasetest says compared to my son!
  15. Well, we do go to reastuarant BUT, I bring my own food for her! My daughter is a Celiac, has also a bracelett on her arm as well (in case somebdy just thinks I'm trying to skip out for paying for ameal for my kid) I have my own little plate for her and bring my own food for her. I wipe down the table in front of her with a wipe and the handles of the highchair. so far, we had noty a single restaurant deny us this! You should have a Not from the doc maybe that all the kids HAVE to be glutenfree! since it is or counts as a dissability in this situation the restaurant if they get iffy with you because you bring three kids that won't be eating their food they cannot send you away. No restaurant likes it when you bring your own food, but if it's only for the kids and it's because it's medical, they are by law NOT allowed to send you guys away.
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