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  1. I just read your posting, which is now over a year ago. The doctors at Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas have been wonderful at helping me find the root cause of my problems, which is Celiac's. Here are their names: OB/Endocrinologist: Dr. Lisa Halvorson Hematologist: Dr. Rutherford Gastroenterologist: Dr. Tang www.utsouthwestern.org So far, I have been unable to find a doctor who can help me heal up...day to day questions about things. I'm still searching!
  2. Hi! Do you have "The CupBoard" anywhere? We do in Denton- north Dallas area. Kroger was the first place I found gluten-free things. There are gluten-free pastas in Wal-Mart! My sister in WI even mailed me boxes of gluten free mixes she found discontinued at a Wal-Mart there. She's also sent me things from Trader Joe's (We need them here in TX!). Recruit a relative and mail them money to send you things we can't get. I'm pretty new to this too, but have found that getting a few books and spending time on web-sites have gotten me somewhat educated. Today alone I found out that I need to look in shampoos, makeup, soda, breath mints, and who knows what else! It's a long road, so hang in there. We'll get healthy together! Tara
  3. Here is my question: Does anyone else have a hard time balancing (I drop things, too), seeing right (my vision is completely affected!!!), talking, and thinking when they are "glutened?" It all seems to be neurological in nature, but frequently If I knew others had these issues, I could relax. While I thank God every day for my diagnosis, I am in constant conflict over my symptoms - are they related to this disease, or am I alone? I have felt so alone for so long, I can't imagine actually having others who experience the same issues. Holly, I was diagnosed in June & went gluten-free after my biopsy. What a relief to know that I'm not "crazy"! and am just starting to see that I'm not alone either. I've had my cold feet and hands for years plus my hands go numb when they are over my head - like washing my hair in the shower. That's gotten better. My balance is better - the room doesn't spin anymore and I don't take Claritin-D daily! My depression has gotten better, but I have cried due to frustration of what favorite things I can't eat anymore. I've read that we go through mourning for foods. It's sadly true. I've been severely anemic for years and also am managing a pituitary adenoma (overactive prolactin hormone). I got mono when I was 5 and at 18, which then led to chronic fatigue and Epstein Barr. All this because of gluten! I recently read that immunological diseases are caused by an overactive immune system, not a weak one. Makes sense in my health history. My migraine headaches have decreased to 1 a mo. from 1 a week. The biggest change is my energy level and outlook on life. People tell me I'm happy again and my husband has his wife back. Not all is 100%, that will take many years to repair, but life overall is so much better. Thanks for sharing...I know I need support too, especially to get through the "day after accidently eating gluten"-puts me right back into the self conscious, foggy, bummer mood. Tara P.S. Is it pathetic for a grown-up to cry (in disbelief) at finding a WHOLE frozen food case full of frozen pizzas, chicken nuggets, tortillas, and many breads, ALL Gluten-free!
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