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  1. My teenage son was having panic attacks pretty regularly for a while. They have gone away since going gluten-free, but it took some time. I'm thinking a few months before they stopped altogether. But he hasn't had one for a long time, now. He's only been gluten-free for about 20 months, and...
  2. This is confusing to me. I thought I had understood that gluten did not cause damage directly, but that it was the antibodies reacting to the presence of gluten that causes the damage. Maybe I'm just getting way ahead of myself even asking, but does the gluten itself actually react with intestinal...
  3. Oops; got distracted & double posted.
  4. I just bought some "Naked Nuggets" from the freezer section. Kinda cute, but I'm not sure I'd buy them again. Might as well just buy... chicken. Tyson individually quick frozen chicken tenderloins are just as easy to fix and cheaper. If my kids were really hankering for nuggets, I might feel...