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  1. powerbraid

    Denver Doctors Anyone?

    I have been told it is really helpful to have the support group. I have been able to attend only one meeting (I am a...
  2. powerbraid

    Denver Doctors Anyone?

    Hey! I live in Denver and currently am not super happy with my Dr. However, I did get this recommendation from one of...
  3. powerbraid


    I always have "bubbles" and gurgling in my tummy. And yeah, sometimes up and down my sides too. I have been gluten free...
  4. Wow. I just read this story and totally agree. It was my first reaction. I doubt anyone can just "email" Steve Jobs,...
  5. powerbraid

    Lactose Intolerance

    ...there is hope. I have been gluten-free for about 18 months, and only within the past 4 months have started yogurt...
  6. powerbraid

    Tapioca Flour?

    Thanks for the suggestions, guys! I shall maybe do a little experimenting, and post the results if they're successful...
  7. Hi! I was wondering if anyone has ever tried substituting almond flour with tapioca flour? Does this work ok? Thanks...
  8. My tummy doesn't do well with cow's milk, but I'm having good luck with goat's milk yogurt and kefir. I'd give that...
  9. powerbraid

    Vitamin Code?

    Thanks! (yeah, so maybe I'm paranoid! hehe)
  10. Hi all! I was just wondering if anyone has tried the Vitamin Code vitamins made by Garden of Life? They say they...
  11. powerbraid

    Celiac Librarians

    Hello to my fellow Celiac Librarians! I'm a graduate student in Library Science too! I work in an Academic Library...
  12. powerbraid

    Quinoa Intolerance?

    I have been having some of the same reactions to quinoa......tummy discomfort and diarreha, mainly. However, buckwheat...
  13. powerbraid

    Crohn's & Celiac?

    I think I am sensitive to carbs too. After I was diagnosed and went off gluten, all of a sudden, I couldn't handle...
  14. powerbraid

    Crohn's & Celiac?

    yeah, I have. Dairy doesn't bother me. In fact, yogurt and kefir are great for my tummy! But, yeah, soy I definitely...
  15. Hi - I was diagnosed with Celiac 1 year ago. The gluten-free diet isn't seeming to totally clear up the diarreha and...