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  1. My husband has been in to see a naturopath recently and they did a blood test for food intolerances and now he is supposed to cut out almonds, eggs, dairy, peanuts, and cane sugar. We have already been gluten free for several years and pretty light on the sugar and carbs. I've been doing almost all of my baking for the past few years with almond and coconut flours because I thought they were much healthier options than all the rice/pot. starch/tap. starch mixes out there that are so devoid of any nutrition and full of empty carbs. However, my husband is just always sore and it's not joint soreness all the time (though I think he has that sometimes), he has muscle soreness. And sometimes he'll have stomach issues like acid reflux type stuff. AND he doesn't ever sleep well, he wakes up several times a night. None of that ever got better with the gluten-free diet, which is why we resorted to seeing a naturopath. I would dearly love to get him off the zantac and not have to give him daily massages and if this is the key then I'm happy to do it but I just don't know what to feed him anymore for breakfast. Up until now most of our breakfast foods have been almond flour muffins or eggs or smoothies with whey protein all of which he can't have anymore. Has anyone else had any similar symptoms and found relief when cutting out these foods? And will he ever get to go back to eating them? I mean, I don't mind cutting out sugar, we've already done that for the most part but now that he can't eat it at all I'm finding it everywhere, it's in bacon and sausage and Lawry's seasoning salt for crying out loud and all sorts of other places. I'm a bit at a loss. Thanks in advance for any help or advice you have.
  2. I don't really have a recipe since i always use almond flour but once when I used a little bit of flax in my waffles it totally ruined my waffle iron from burning and sticking. So, there are tons of flour options out there like sorghum, millet, tapioca, arrowroot etc. just sub sorghum for rice and arrowroot for corn starch and you're good with whatever gluten-free recipe you can find. Google is helpful.
  3. They turned out just fine, though they spread a lot and the cookie cutter shapes kind of got lost after baking if they weren't rolled really thin. It was a little difficult to roll them out because the dough is so sticky and soft (even after a night in the refridgerator), it required a lot of flour for rolling. Mine were definitely more brown than the picture above, maybe it's the kind of molasses. I think if I make them again, I'll cut down the molasses a bit so the dough isn't so sticky. I also added the two tsp. of ginger, I thought it would be a shame to make gingerless men when they were doing the whole gingerbread man story in class and everything. Thanks again!
  4. Here are some links of great gluten-free muffins that I think would work for you. It looks like you can have eggs which is fantastic. http://www.elanaspantry.com/ratio-rally-quick-breads/ This one could be done without the honey or use a bit of mashed up banana instead, I do that all the time to replace the sugar or sweetener and it works great. http://www.elanaspantry.com/pumpkin-spice-muffins/ Elana's website has a TON of recipes and she only uses almond flour as well as coconut and they are AWESOME as some others have mentioned. http://lowcarbdiets.about.com/od/breads/r/lowcarbmuffins.htm
  5. PS It's nice to see a picture of how they turn out. Thanks!
  6. Thanks for the reply! Do you use xanthan gum or do you think it would work fine without?
  7. I've given up on gluten-free stuffing, it's just terrible. I figure we have plenty of other carbs elsewhere in the meal to fill the stuffing void.
  8. I volunteered to make gingerbread men for my son's kindergarten class and the teacher gave me a recipe to use. I told her I was celiac and would be making gluten-free cookies but I'm thinking I'll stick to the recipe as much as possible instead of finding a different one because I think the amount she needs is dependent on the recipe. The only thing is that I don't have or use xanthan or guar gum anymore but I'm thinking chia seed might be okay to help this recipe. And I imagine the molasses should help hold things together as well. I just wanted to run this recipe by the experts and see what you all have to say about converting it. 1 cup shortening 1 cup sugar 1 egg 1 cup molasses 2 Tbsp. vinegar 5 cups flour 1 1/2 tsp. soda 1/2 tsp. salt 1 tsp. cinnamon 1 tsp. cloves I'm thinking it should be fine to sub gluten-free flour with maybe a tablespoon of ground chia seeds or something. Any thoughts? P.S. I have no idea why the recipe doesn't call for ginger......
  9. I always add some veggies with the frozen/fresh fruit. Usually spinach and carrots, sometimes celery and cucumber. And protein powder sometimes and probiotics. Love adding coconut milk or yogurt too. Vanilla is a good idea. I bet almond extract would be good too. I'll have to try that.
  10. Some people in the SCD and Paleo world would advocate that NO grains are healthy (inlcuding millet, amaranth, quinoa etc.). I'm not an expert on either of those diets (there's tons of info on the web if you want to search it out) but my husband and I follow a largely grain free and low sugar diet but for the occasional rice cracker with my kids or popcorn on movie night etc. My husband is also largely dairy free as well, I believe avoiding grains, sugar and dairy for him has helped him a lot health-wise but when he strays, he pays. Personally, I find the grains you mentioned are not very tasty and certainly don't warrant the extra cost if I don't really like to eat them or bake with them. There are so many other options that taste better and are healthier, like More Vegetables! Instead of rice on the side, we have an extra vegetable or salad. My favorite website is elanaspantry.com, she almost exclusively uses almond flour or coconut flour for baking, as do I. It's a somewhat low carb but high nutrition approach. She has VERY good recipes and south beach approved I would imagine in most cases. Good Luck!
  11. Wow, maybe they've had these in the states for a while but I'm in Canada and gluten-free Chex finally came here about 6 months ago and now Kellogg's has a gluten-free cereal. Amazing.
  12. I haven't ever made Elana's recipe but I have made my own almond flour pancakes and yes you need to preheat pan or griddle and cook on a low temp so they don't burn. I have read on her website that she makes her pancakes in a very small size, no more than a couple of inches in diameter, and this might be a quicker way to cook them.
  13. Since the article you linked requires a password to view it, perhaps you could sum up what it says. Thanks!
  14. Thanks everyone. I don't mind making stuff from scratch and would rather do that than pay $6 for a gluten-free package of cake or brownie mix, but it's nice to grab a box now and then for whatever special something that comes up last minute and I had preferred the Betty Crocker mixes to most of the gluten-free brands. However, I do have plenty of pretty good recipes that I'll use and try to remember a box or two the next time I go over the border.
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