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  1. Congratulations AliB! We, my family and I, recently went low(er) carb also and my husband lost 15 pounds in about 6 weeks. None of us are overweight, we mainly did it for health reasons. My husband had his cholesterol checked and the doctor told him to cut out sugar and carbs to bring down his...
  2. Thank you all for the replies so far, and thanks Wonka for checking elsewhere for help. I think I will try to make a half batch maybe on Sat. or Sunday and see how it goes with maybe a little vanilla or something for the flavor, a little added baking powder and a regular white rice flour mix with...
  3. OK, so my husband has this family Christmas breakfast tradition that we've done without the last few years since going gluten free. I don't usually attempt to convert recipes, I just find a good gluten-free replacement recipe that is sort of like whatever I am wanting to make and that does us just...