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  1. I was recently told that regular vanilla extract is okay to use and is gluten-free because the alcohol in the extract is distilled. I'm wondering if (and hoping that) this is true. Also, is it okay to use vanillin? My youngest has celiac and I'm making Christmas candy, and one of his teachers also has it and I'd like to make it gluten-free so she can eat it! I appreciate any help, thank you! Sara
  2. We don't always eat gluten free because we don't have full custody of my step son, but he is with us 50% of the time and when we have him our meals usually cater to children....but they are good. He LOVES what we call pizza chicken, which is just chicken breasts cooked all day in the crock pot with Contadina pizza sauce poured all over them. This was something we came up with one day when we were running out of gluten-free ideas and it was pretty much all we had left for him to eat, but it makes very tender chicken...you can also use salsa, which I happen to prefer...but step son does not. We serve this with a veggie, usually corn, and baked potato. I also will make chicken nuggets with a gluten-free baking mix and parmesan cheese breading (I use the broccoli puree for dredging and it's delicious), and I make corn dog nuggets with a corn meal, egg and milk batter that the kids absolutely love. Everything is served with a veggie and sometimes a potato. We do spaghetti occasionally, but not too much...he LOVES grilled cheese and plain cheeseburger patties. We do lasagna occasionally, but he is very very picky and will only eat a little bit of it. I made a wonderful gluten-free meatloaf a while back and my husband and I devoured it, but he thought it was nasty! He likes things very plain, and he doesn't like tomatoes. He loves bologna and tuna salad. Sometimes I will get pork chops and rub both sides with olive oil, salt and pepper, and then put it in the oven until done and he really likes that a lot. If I think of anything else I'll let you know!
  3. Collette, this sounds amazing! I absolutely love mushrooms. I made a beef stew last week that was delicious, but would have never thought to serve with quinoa. Thanks for the ideas!
  4. I was sitting in my doctor's office this afternoon and they have a tv on at all times with a health watch tv program. There was a lady on there talking about how good quinoa is for you, and she made a dish that looked delicious! She had some cooked quinoa, and made her own version of a fresh pesto (she basically said to make it however you like it) and then some sauteed veggies, like peppers and onions. She mixed this all together to serve cold as a salad, it looked delicious! My mouth has been watering since I left there...which is odd because I was there because I've been sick as a dog for 2 days and couldn't even hold down toast.
  5. I'm definitely going to try this one! Thanks!
  6. Julie, I believe Cheetos cheese curls are gluten-free. In fact, we have checked on this and have been feeding them to our youngest, and he just had his blood tests done and is testing negative for celiac antibodies so if they aren't gluten-free then he has been healed!!! Double check, of course, but from what we have seen they are gluten-free.
  7. Well, I went through all that trouble for nothing. My step son's mother was going to the field trip with him today, so I e-mailed her to tell her where his snack was and how we put them together....she e-mailed me after they got home from school and said he never got around to doing the snack station part of the field trip and that she forgot to bring all of the stuff home so now it's going to sit at the school all weekend and he never even got to use any of it! I'm relatively sure it was done on purpose, my feeling is that she could have taken the stuff home and made them with him and his baby sister. Whatever....at least he got to make them at my house! I'm just frustrated, that stuff was not cheap!
  8. Thanks for letting me know that because I have had the same hesitance with any gluten free white cake mix. I will definitely have to try it!
  9. I have tried just about every gluten-free brownie mix out there, and while most of them are okay...I have to say that Pamela's is THE BEST! I hadn't tried Pamela's until this past week, and I happened to run across a box of the brownies with chocolate chunks, and I made the recipe for the 'fudgy' ones on the back and added some more chocolate chips, and then sprinkled chocolate chips on top before baking. I think they were some of the best brownies we've ever had, gluten free or not! I highly HIGHLY recommend these if you haven't already made them for your family. They are so incredibly fattening....but OH so good!
  10. This is what I did for tomorrow's spiders..... I found some gluten-free round crackers, spreading them with peanut butter, using chocolate chips for eyes, and since I couldn't find any gluten-free pretzel sticks (only rounds) I got some fruit rollups and cut them so that they can be used for the legs. Not the prettiest things, but he liked them! I knew he would like the ingredients, so why feed him something he doesn't like even if it doesn't look pretty?
  11. Thank you so much! I was thinking about something along the same lines with the pretzels and crackers if I could find them. I'm not that creative, though! The other thing is that I will not be there, his mother is going to be there but she will not provide a snack. So if I send the ingredients in she will have to make them with him and who knows if she even will. As far as the blinis, they are a lot like regular pancakes but they are really really thin and they are eaten more with a savory food, like sour cream dips. Kinda wierd that they are having them for kindergarten children. Thank you so much for that recipe!
  12. My step son's school is having a safari day this Friday and they are making spiders with crakers and pretzel sticks. Anyone have any ideas on how I can make some sort of 'creature' for him out of gluten free foods? I hate to think of him not being able to make something cool. Also, would anyone know how I could make blini's gluten free? (Russian pancakes).....yes, they are having a Russian day.
  13. I do like Pamelas, but I've also had luck with Bob's Red Mill mixtures and Gluten Free Pantry as well. If you read the ingredients on the back of the label it says what mixture is in there and I've had good luck with all of them. The pancake mixes and things like that already have the xantham gum in them...I have never used anything but xantham gum and I've never had a problem with it. Just try different things and find what you like.
  14. I made a loaf of the most delicious banana bread yesterday using Gluten Free Pantry's Muffin and Scone mix. I usually make it from scratch, but when I went to the store yesterday to get some gluten free flour, all they had were the mixes. I followed the recipe on the box for the muffins and added four mashed over ripe bananas and baked it at 350 until it was done all the way through. I actually didn't put all of it in the loaf pan, I reserved some to make a few muffins too. It tastes just like the real thing, absolutely delicious! My step son couldn't get enough of it and actually, my husband hasn't been able to stay out of it either. Good stuff, just thought I'd pass it on. I have a picture that I will have to post later because it's on my other computer. Hopefully this will be useful for someone else! Here is the photo of the bread, I have one piece left.... http://i106.photobucket.com/albums/m252/sa...2006/bbread.jpg
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