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  1. Thanks I'll look in to that! Can we be glutend by just touching gluten containing food products or do we only get glutened by products that we absorb? Just a little confused!
  2. I don't know much about cosmetics but I tend to get dandruff a lot. Could this have something to do with the shampoo or conditioner I use? I looked at the label and its just all...
  3. Hey My mum came up with an idea that the family organises a menu then sends it to me and I check to see if I can eat most of the stuff. Then I can make a few changes and know what...
  4. Hey I was diagnosed bout 2 months ago and I have had dreams about eating gluten ever since. I have never made any mistakes (well that I know of!) and I am getting really parnoid...
  5. Hey If anyone is travelling always check food labels even if you can eat it where you live In new zealand we cant eat m&m's or smarties! And some Snickers bars you can eat...
  6. Hey I'm from New Zealand anyone else from around here?!
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