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  1. HI everyone, I just got my blood test back and the nurse said it was negative - which iwas expecting to be honest! I asked her for the range and the gluten range in the UK is 0.8 - 3.0, i cam in at 1.63 which she said is normal within the range and my anti body test was negative. I guess i should be pleased except im back to the start again now
  2. Sorry i meant false negative! In the UK we dont have to pay for our medical care which is great! xx
  3. Thank you both for your answers, my doctor said that if the test result is negative he will forget about Coeliacs and start on something else, but i dont think its as easy as that though with all the false positives ive heard about, but to give him credit he did say that he wouldnt stop until he found out what is wrong with me - havent i got a great doctor!
  4. Hi Emily, I have a really bloated belly too! I havent been diagnosed yet, i get my results next week, im not convinced its celiac but ill have to wait and see! the worst thing is the bloating, i can cope with pain and toileting issues, but i look so bloated my doctor did a pregnancy test! ive always been around a US size 12 - 14 but ive always had an envyabley flat stomach for my size which i have been very proud of and now its gone, its the most depressing thing, my boyf is great about it but i know he is jut being nice!
  5. Hi everyone, I am due to get my test results tomorrow and i guess im going to try to go gluten free as recommended on here regardless of whether the test is positive or not. part of me is expecting the result to be negative so im preparing myself for the ongoing battle to find out whats wrong with me! I just have one question - when you completely cut out gluten what on earth do you eat? Ive been looking at packaging a little bit and gluten seems to be in everything! I even found it in pate! I usually eat a really wide and varied diet and i love food and eating out. I am writing a recipe book to be published and i cook meals right from scratch, i make nothing from packets and i eat very little processed foods. I know gluten is in bread, pasta and breakfast cereal and now pate! but thats all i know, is it in everything containing flour? some of the packaging in the UK states what allergies shouldnt eat the food but not all the packaging does so what then? Ive been reading here about people cutting out gluten and keep making mistakes and having to go back to day zero again, is my diet going to be purely restricted to meat and vegetables? and what about eating out? I know pizza hut is a definate no go but what about the risk of cross contamination with a salad for example - how would you know that the chef didnt cut the tomatoes with same knife he used to cut bread? Can you ever be truly 100% gluten free? Sorry for all the questions, its just a very confusing time!
  6. Thank you so much for replying to me i just dont know who to talk to. The doctor gave me Fybogel (im not sure you have it in the US) but its a stool bulker that forces your intestines to pass stools more regularly but all it does it make me even more bloated, the stomach pain i have in the morning goes around to my back by the end of the day into my kidneys and i have a desperate urge to go to the toilet but only a small amount of urine passes. Ive had urine tests and they are fine, i just hate being ill, i want it to go and im worried that ill never know what it is, its the bloating that worries me more than anything else, although im a US size 12 - 14 ive always been very proud of my flat stomach it makes me feel young and sexy and now that i look 6 months pregnant im just getting so depressed, my fiance tells me i look lovely but i know i dont, my clothes dont fit and i feel sluggish and permanently full. i dont know what ill do if the test comes back negative, my doctor is great though and said he wont stop until im better - i almost cried, finding a great doctor is so difficult in the UK, we have to go to our local doctor surgery and have who we are given and if they are rubbish there isnt much you can do about it!
  7. Hi everyone, I had a blood test for Coeliacs disease a week ago and im just waiting for the results now, should be another week i think, im just really worried that it will come back negative even if im not? Ive been reading a lot about blood tests that come back as a false negative even if the person really has the condition, what happens then? My doctor just said 'if it comes back negative we can do an ultra sound scan to see if its something else' but people have had coeliacs disease for years and been misdiagnosed - im just worried has anyone else felt like me? The other thing i wanted to ask is does anyone have the stomach pains come and go? I was getting stomach pains all the time and now not as much, the bloating is still there though, that never seems to go. Its my sisters wedding next week and the bridesmaid dress she ordered 4 months ago didnt fit because of my bloated stomach, im fed up with it now. My mum has IBS although she hasnt been officially diagnosed with tests and since ive been ill and having tests she thinks she could be a mis diagnosed Coeliac too. I guess the only way to really know is to cut out Gluten completely, this worries me about having Coeliacs though becasue i am a keen cook and i am writing a recipe book that i am hoping to have published and if i cant eat gluten i cant make the recipes i have invented or eat the foods i love, it s so upsetting, part of me wants to have it so i know whats wrong with me and part of me doesnt want to have it because of all the work and suffering involved in watching everything you eat. I wasnt planning on ranting on about this, i dont know anyone with Coeliacs and i just have so many questions xx
  8. Hi! Thank you for your reply - its all a bit baffling isnt it in this limbo stage. I had cut wheat out a week ago or so and when that didnt work i reintroduced it and then cut out dairy to see if that made a difference so ive been eating wheat s normal for over a week since i cut it out for a week - will that still make a difference? My blood test is 11.30am - if i ate loads of whet in the morning will that help?
  9. Hi Everyone, Im a 28 year girl in England and i have been unwell now for around 6 weeks. Ive been to the doctor 3 or 4 times now and i finally went back today and saw a different doctor who is sending me for the Coeliac blood test tomorrow to see if this is the problem with me. I wrote out a long list of symptoms ive had and as he read through the list he started smiling and nodding and said "well Miss Collins - i think you may have Coeliac Disease and im getting you a blood test tomorrow to find out!" I almost cried i was so happy that someone was finally listening to me - but im not sure that i have Coeliac? I went to College with a lady who has it and her symptoms were way more serious than me and if she ate any gluten she became very very ill. Ive been cutting wheat out of my diet and dairy and im not any better than i was when i was eating it! I didnt realise though that Gluten can be in more than just wheat so i may have been eating it and not realising it! My symptoms are extreme bloating and pain in my abdomen, the longer the day goes on the larger my stomach gets. By the end of the day i feel gassy and the pain goes around my back. I feel exhausted all the time even after 12 hours sleep and im havin a little trouble going to the toilet. The doctor has given me some fibre drinks to help 'move' things on - he seemed to really know what he was talking about but i just dont believe him! - What do you all think?
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